James KingsInn at a desk. He likes to

James KingsInn at a desk. He likes to

James Joyce wrote the story “A Little Cloud”; the story was published in1905.

“A Little Cloud” takes place in Dublin. Which is known to be a dirtytown. Little Chandler is a thirty-two year old married man with one son who isnot quite one year old in the story.

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He is called little Chandler because of hisappearance. He is slightly under stature height, which is he, under one hundredand eighty-five centimeters. He has small white hands, childish teeth and goodnail care. Little Chandler has a fragile frame, silken hair and mustache; he hasa quiet voice and refined manners. Little Chandler is an abstinent man, meaninghe is sparing in eating and drinking.

Little Chandler blushes very easily atalmost anything. He appears to have a pretty good life; he works at the KingsInn at a desk. He likes to read poetry and someday would like to write it.Little Chandler has never been in a great deal of trouble before in his life. Heoften thinks about his friend Ignatius Gallaher while at work, and how he hasbecome a brilliant man in the Press.

Little Chandler often thinks of his life,which makes him sad. Little Chandler meets up with his friend for the first timein eight years at a bar and for the first time he notices that Gallaher is morevulgar then what he remembered him to be, the way he talked about things andexpressed himself. Gallaher is a wild man who drinks freely; he has borrowedmoney from all sides and got into some trouble with money and had to leave town.

Everyone of their friends admired Gallaher and no one doubted that he hadtalent. Gallaher always keeps a bold face. He has a heavy pale face, which hekeeps shaven. He has an unhealthy pallor to him, he looks sick from fear orillness. Gallaher works for the Press and leads a vagrant life; he has nodefinite direction in his life, he is always wondering from place to place.Gallaher is a very vulgar man with no manners. He is not married and he onlyplans to marry into money, so he will be set for life.

The two men in this storyare not very much alike. Little Chandler is a much more decent guy then Gallaher,he had very good manners. Gallaher is more vulgar then Chandler. Chandler losesa bit of respect for Gallaher during their meeting at the bar. How Gallaherwont marry unless he marries into money. Little Chandler married because heloved the women he married. Little Chandler wants so much to write poetry and isalways thinking about it, but I think that because he is married with a child hefeels that he will have no time to do it.

Maybe the truth is, is that he isnta very good poetry writer himself and he isnt willing to take the blame somaybe he is blaming it on his family. When he was trying to read poetry whileholding his child when his wife went to the store. The baby started crying andhe found he wasnt able to read it anymore so he yelled at the child to quitcrying which made the child cry more, then his wife came in and got angry withhim.

“Little Chandler felt his cheeks suffuse with shame and he stood back outof the lamplight. He listened while the paroxysm of the childs sobbing grew lessand less; and tears of remorse started in his eyes.” Maybe this statementmeans that Little Chandler knows that it isnt the childs fault for the wayhis life turned out. Little Chandler could have been living in a dream worldabout his poetry. Now Little Chandler realizes it and feels bad for what he hasdone to his child. The title of the story “A Little Cloud” could refer toLittle Chandler. A little man living in a little cloud of a dream world.

And hedoesnt realize until later that he is living in a cloud world and haspunished his family for it. The saying “that there was no doubt about it, ifyou wanted to succeed you had to go away. You could do nothing in Dublin”Little Chandler could have just believed it because everyone else believed it.So everything Little Chandler has done was worthless in his mind, but really hehad succeeded; he has a job and a family and he never realized how lucky he wasuntil the end of the story.

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