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“Dropping the Atomic Bombs”On August 6, 1945 a 9,000-pound bomb was loaded on the Enola Gay. At exactly 8:15:30 in the morning the massive bomb was dropped over Hiroshima. The after math left 71,000 people dead and 68,000 injured. A second bomb was dropped three days later. Nagasaki was the target this time, killing 36,000 …

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email = emailprotectedpublish = yessubject= MYTHOLOGYtitle = Norse Mythologypapers = The book entitled “NorseMythology” by KarlMortensen, is the book I chose to read for my firstbook report for this semester. The book wastranslated from the Danishby A. Clinton Crowell.Karl Mortensen was a doctor of philosophy whomattended the University of Copenhagen.The first part of the book …


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