Micro & 7.Courtly songs, both 2 and 4,

Micro & 7.Courtly songs, both 2 and 4,

Micro theme Topic: Courtly songs off differing views of Chivalry, especially of Chivalric love. Contrast as specifically as possible, the views on chivalry in one of these pairs: #’s 2 ; 4, #’s 6 & 7.Courtly songs, both 2 and 4, contain specific views on chivalric love though their views differ greatly. From reading both songs it is obvious that song # 2 centers chivalric love around the adored (female) and song # 4 centers chivalric love on the lover (male).From song 2 it is clear that to the author, Bernart, love is paralleled to many things.

Love equals: self-honor, fear-rejection, and secretiveness. In the song, the view of chivalric honor is based on how the lover is affected by the loved and how this shapes him.Within the first stanza love is shown equaling joy and self-honor.

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“I have joy in it (love), and joy in the flower, and joy in myself, and in my lady most of all” (lines: 5 & 6). The ballad is showing the happiness that love brings and how that it has a strong effect on the smitten.In the third stanza the quote, “I can hardly keep myself from running to her; and I would do it, if I weren’t so afraid” (lines: 22 & 23), refers to love causing fear-rejection.

The author feels so strongly about his love that it would wound him to know that his love is not accepted or returned.In the last stanza the song shows how chivalric love can be very secretive. “Sweet lady, if only you would deign to love me, no one will ever catch me when I lie” (lines: 55 & 56). Sometimes chivalric love must be covered up and kept unknown to anyone. The reasons why can be assumed to be the same as for any young love today that must be concealed.

Song four gets into a completely different view of chivalric love than song 2. It seems as if the author, Peire Vidal, centers chivalric love on the lover. The whole song points out the aspects of the male and what makes him a chivalric lover. Basically, in song four, to be a chivalric lover you must be fearless and good in bed.”For warrior’s nerve I am worth Roland and Oliver” (line13).

This quote is one of many within the song that point out that chivalric love is deemed from honor. In this quote the author is trying to prove how he is a master of everything, which in turn would make him a very chivalrous lover.”For I am a knight, and in love I am a master of the craft, and of everything that fits when a man is with a woman” (lines 21 & 22). He is making a point that to be a chivalric lover you must be able to please your lady as well as be fearless.

It seems that song 2 has a much more romantic approach to chivalric love than song 4 does. The author of song 2 bases chivalric love around his lover – in essence sacrificing himself to please her. Song 4 on the other hand seems to value being brass and controlling of the lover. This attitude is portrayed to prove chivalric honor. Both songs deliver contrasting messages on what chivalric love is; one based on love and the other on manliness.

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