Lida Atapur Christopher Michas English 102 May 2

Lida Atapur Christopher Michas English 102 May 2

Lida Atapur
Christopher Michas
English 102
May 2, 2017

Reflection litter
In the beginning class was looks like hard become to me. English class was very important to me to learning language. As always I am believing that language was an important part of communicated between people. When someone wants a normal life should be know the language from that plaice. Special for me languages it very important and special English class. English is my fifth language, I believe it writhing important part of languages to communicate. English 102 class was one of the hardest and most material become to me. In this class I was learned many thing about language special about writing how was important to a communicate between people.

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Although I have made significant improvements in my writing, there is always room to improve. One area of writing that I still need to improve, citation and organize my ideas in the essay special in the research paper. Now I’m not so sure of myself. I do have a much better understanding of using them, but it is not as strong as it should be. I still use them when they are not needed, leave them out, or misplace them. During the semester my must problem I had with citation and find the right articles to help my research paper. The second aspect of writing that I’m still improving on, is run-on sentences. I don’t write run-on sentences very often and can usually catch them proofreading.

I’m proud of all my part in research paper that are included in my portfolio. They are all good representations of my writing ability and how I have improved throughout the term. I found myself and organize my ideas when I was talk with "Christopher Michas" he help me to organize my ideas and how i cans start and when and where I can use my ideas, and quotes from articles to help my writing and my research paper. Must important thing to me in the English class was writhing cited a sentence like a clear to understand and use right sentence to intended purpose. in English class student should be have confidence, special for me has a international student, they develop the ability to talk, listen, read, view, and write with much purpose, effect, and confidence was very important to learning a languages.
I really thankful for having professors like “Christopher Michas” An understanding students special international students like me.

Thank you !!!


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