“Letters all of the politiciansare men, which means

“Letters all of the politiciansare men, which means

“Letters from a War Zone” deals with the controversybetween men and women banning pornography.

In thisessay there are many strong personal views on pornographyand the brutality of women in porn. Men and women havebeen at war for many years because of this. I agree withbanning pornography because pornography lures men intodisrespecting women. This essay makes me angry because itshows another part of life that is really not acknowledged. Itseems realistic to me because many women in life areconfronted with sex at an early age and become vulnerable.The unique thing that reaches me is how women do not havea choice, especially when it comes down to sex.

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Vulnerability is one of a woman’s weaknesses. Pornographyis degrading to women when it is forced upon them. If sexwere done for pleasure or because the women wanted to, itwould not be as bad. That is how many women are raped,killed or lose their confidence. Women in pornography weretypically prostitutes at one-point. Due to statistics, more thanhalf the women in a sex-related professions have beensexually abused, molested or raped at one time during theirlies.

The quote stated in this essay that really hits home is”Made in South America where life is cheap.” I, as aHispanic, am terribly offended by this statement. Thisstatement basically says that South America has manylowlives’, and that anything can happen to them because lifethere is worth very little. For example the women of SouthAmerica are used in Snuff films and in explicit photographs.Snuff is a film that consists of a woman being sexuallyharassed, raped, and killed.

In many of these films/photosthe women are brutalized to the point where their breasts aredismantled and their bodies are urinated on after they areraped and killed. There are photographs in which women’sbreasts are slammed in rat traps, their vaginas are stuffedwith knives, guns, and even glass, and then they aregang-banged, beaten, and tortured. Snuff films are usuallymade in South America because, as said in the statementabove, life is not worth much there.

“If you are going to hurta women in the United States be sure to photograph it” is acontroversial statement used in this essay. Its means that ifyou have slain, hurt, or abused a woman it is all right, as longyou have taken a picture. The photograph expresses a pointof view, sacrosanct in a free society. When thesepicture/films are being taken the woman is forced to smile.

This will make the picture/films protected by the constitution,which makes it legal speech, or free speech. In the essay it isargued that men are pigs and love seeing women inpornography. Some women enjoy it too but men love to seepicture/films even if it is a disrespectful film of women. Thisbecomes a greater issue because almost all of the politiciansare men, which means that it would be even harder toconvict a man for maltreating a woman in porn, or even toban pornography. The reason that pornography has notbeen banned is because the men refuse to ban it.

It is unjustto see a woman being brutalized while a man sits andactually enjoys every part of the picture/films. “The war isagainst men and women,” this quote is true because in thissociety men are dominant over women. Women have beentrying for many years to go beyond the men in thischauvinistic society. Men have always been considered assuperior while women are considered powerless andinferior. It is unacceptable to know that a man is able to getaway with many things such as the snuff films/photography ofwomen being tortured and killed. Women are treated as sexobjects. Women are brutalized every hour, every minute.

Women in the sex industry are treated like meat. “I canalmost say categorically never have I had a client who hasnot been exposed to prostitution through pornography.Forsome young women that means that they are shownpornography, either films, video-tapes, or pictures as this ishow you do it, almost as a training manual in how to performacts of prostitution.In addition, out on the street when ayoung woman is working, many of her tricks or customerswill come up to her with little pieces of paper, pictures thatwere torn from magazines and say, I want this.it is like a mailorder catalogue of sex acts, and that is what she is expectedto perform.Another aspect that plays a bit part in my work.isthat on many occasions my clients are multi, many rapevictims.

These rapes are often either taped or photographed.The young woman when she tries to escape isblackmailed,” this is a testimony from a social worker whoworks exclusively with adolescent female prostitutes. Inalmost every case of adolescent prostitution a girl has beenintroduced to it through pornography. Everything done to awoman in pornography has been done to a woman inprostitution. There are not only films or pictures thatintroduce sex, but there are even games where a women ofa particular race is being dealt with in an inappropriatemanner. For example, the pornographic video game”Custer’s Revenge” generated many gang rapes of NativeAmerican women.

In the game, the “squaw” is captured byan American boy and are tied to a tree and raped. The gameis sexually explicit, for example, the penis goes in and out, inand out. The feminist, Andrea Dworkin, wrote this essay tosend an urgent dispatch from the frontlines of a nationalbattle over pornography. Andrea Dworkin raised in NewJersey attended Bennington College. She was a free-lancewriter and began her career in activism against pornography.

Her first feminist book was Women Hating. Dworkinparticipated in the first “Take Back the Night” march toprotest urban districts that harbor prostitution andpornography. It was a march held by feminists who believepornography should be banned and that prostitution shouldbe stopped.

Dworkin says “feminism is magnificent andmilitant here because the most powerless women are puttingtheir lives on the line to confront the most powerful men forthe sake of all women.” Men and women have been at warfor many years, especially when it comes to sex.

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