Many suicide almost everyday. This constant abdominal pain

Many suicide almost everyday. This constant abdominal pain

Many people have their own theories about the 5th of April is 1994, for those of you who don’t, know that this is the day Kurt Kobain’s body was found in the garage of his home. Some critics have come to the conclusion that Kurt had tried to make himself a legend by killing himself. But such ideas seem to overshadow the tragedyof the death of one the most popular and influential musicians of the 1990’s. (Melody Makers, 12/08/2001)There is no question of Kurt Cobain’s death. Many people think he was murdered, many people think it is pretty impossible to shot yourself in the head with a shotgun, but truly it isn’t.

Kurt Cobain was found on the floor of his garage, when he was found he had been dead for some time from a single “self administered shotgun wound to the head.” Around him on the floor were some personal possessions and a had written suicide note which read “I have it good, very good, and I’m grateful, but since the age of seven I’ve become hateful towards all humans in general” (Iain Shedden, “Smells Like a Dead Man”).Cobain had grown up in a small town named Aberdeen. Washington. His childhood was disrupted by the divorce of his parents when he was eight. The success of Nirvana gave Kurt the authority to be the “spokesman” of his generation.

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Nirvana’s music gave way to hundreds of other underground bands, but with this success came the media’s attention and the almost total loss of privacy that came with it (Kurt Kobain’s Obituary).Kurt had secretly suffered from an illness that caused severe stomach pains for more that seven years, which caused him to contemplate suicide almost everyday. This constant abdominal pain led to deep “melancholic depression verging of schizophrenia, and frequent bouts of narcolepsy” (Kurt Kobain’s Obituary). Doctors were of no help to him, so he found escape in heroin. For years he fought his addiction, but compared to the severe stomach pains, heroin was unimportant (Kurt Kobain’s Obituary).

Kurt Cobain’s wife, Courtney Love, and their daughter, Frances, brought some real happiness into his life. But the media’s constant prodding and increasingly frequent period of depression finally pushed him over the edge. In the end, death was the only thing that he saw that could relieve his pain (Kurt Cobain’s Obituary).A famous photograph of Kurt Cobain after a concert in 1991 shows a disturbed young man trying to gain control of his life. It is obvious that he lost control, and he was lonely, afraid, and distraught. Kurt Cobain died on April 25, 1994 at the age of 25.

Rest in peace, Kurt Cobain (Kurt Cobain’s Obituary).Eleven years after his death, two books dealing with the legacy of the Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain stand out. In Heavier Than Heaven; the biography of Kurt Cobain, Charles R. Cross tries to put together the puzzle known as Kurt Cobain’s life.

The story he tells is highly compulsive, though very sad. For a more passionate book about the music and a less objective but much more personal portrait of Cobain and Courtney Love, and the grunge scene in general, try Live Through This; American Rock Music in the Nineties by Everett True (Smells Like a Dead Man, web2.epnet.

com).In conclusion, Kurt Cobain was a legendary hero in the music industry. You could say he lived the lifestyle, “Live fast, die young (Smells Like a Dead Man, web2. Rest in peace, Kurt Cobain.

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