Kurt A

Kurt A

Kurt A. Vicente
January __, 2018

How should I Pass My Subject
I need to pass this subject in order for me to move on the next level of my education. I am learning Practical research 2 as my minor subject in grade 12 senior high, and in order for me to get into this subject I need to pass practical research 2 in my first semester. This subject is hard for me to learn because I don’t like English subject, and it takes a lot of time and need a lot of attention before you can pass it.
First let me start by saying, this subject is so hard for me, because I don’t like English subject in my Junior High School. And I also forgot about all the stuffed when I was in junior high school, so this is like fresh start for me when I go to senior high. I am doing my best to pass this subject by paying attention when the teacher is teaching because I remember in junior high school my teacher told me the only way you can pass is based on the three things. By attention, coming to school on time, and doing all homework on time.
Secondly I didn’t know that this subject is so hard for me to understand. My class start at 10:00 am until 12:00pm Monday and Wensday, and 1:00pm until 3:00pm for my Tuesday and Thursday . And my job was suppose will start 4:00 pm until 2:00am every day, but I cut some of my work hours so I can make it to class time .
Lastly I spend at least three hours a day out my very busy schedule life to do some studies for this subject, eventhough I am very tired going to school. During this time I lock myself in a room by myself so I can concentrate eventhough I very sleppy, because I don’t want to got school withoutwork being done or without being ready to take in the new lesson.
With all the effort I put in this subject, I think I should pass this subject because I don’t it will be a big loss for me, I wouldn’t be able to pursuit my goal of becoming a good baker if I will not pass this subject, I would lose a lot of money and lastly all the time I put in will be just be a waste of time.

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