Know about Bill C-21

Know about Bill C-21

Know about Bill C-21: The new Immigration Act of Canada
Recently, the Canadian Parliament approved a new immigration act, known as Bill C-21. It is primarily developed to perceive the people who are leaving Canada. Bill C-21 determines the people who can no longer be allowed to relish social security benefits or become a Canada permanent resident as a result of spending time out of the country. Hence, the business people should understand the restrictions kept by this immigration act. They should always be cautious to plan their travel duration compliance with the Canadian permanent resident status rules and conditions. But, the government of Canada acknowledged that it has induced an irregularity since the most sensitive information is revealed among the United States and Canada with this act. Also, the access of people to the Canadian health care system and other associated benefits may be prejudiced with Bill C-21.
Bill C-21 exposes the individual’s most privileged information on the passport, location details and departure date from Canada. With this act, the American customs officials would distribute the confidential information of the people who are entering the US with the government of Canada. Therefore, if Bill C-21 is approved, it helps in finding out the permanent residents’ time of stay in the country.
Over a time period of 5 years, an individual should stay for at least 730 days to get permanent resident status in Canada.
The people who are permanent residents have the pleasure to move to another country on a basis that he/she must be physically present for at least a specific period in Canada. If not, the people may lose their permanent resident status. However, the permanent residents who spend most of their time in the US should make sure that they meet the above residency entitlement requirements. On the other hand, Bill C-21 does not create any issue for the permanent residents who meet the residency requirements. However, they should plan the duration of their travel outside Canada with much consideration.
Thus, Bill C-21 plays a significant role for any person who desires permanent resident status or to keep up their status.


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