King consist of four short [or long

King consist of four short [or long

King consist of four short or long ,depending on how you look at it novellas that each conveys a different message and eliciting various emotions from the readers .when looking for my next book to read by the great man himself, I saw this book making it to someone’s top 10 Stephen’s king’s list and thought to give it a try since I’ve rarely seen it in a ‘top 10’list before. Usually most readers put the stand as number 1 hated that book personally .up until now , Stephen king has been a hit or miss with the book I’ve read written from him . I wanted to try something a bit different and different seasons seems to be what I was looking for. Upon completion of the book ,I came away with two awesome stories, one ok and one below average it was a pretty good ride but there definitely were some things that I didn’t like the more got into the book
While I had watched the movie a long time ago, I totally forgot that it was based on the novella by Stephen king himself. I really liked this story and I can see why it’s one of the most popular one’s taken out of different season .the mysteriousness of Andy Dufresne and his carefree attitude made things really interesting and you just can’t help but wonder how it’s going to end. Throughout the story, while you can’t help but think about just how Andy will escape from Shawshank prison , this I don’t think is a story about a simple prison break. There’s much more to it than that. The story is being told through the eyes of red, another prisoner in Shawshank and slowly but surely, he recounts his tale about Andy Duresne. How does andy behave so
That other’s don’t ? I really liked the ending to this novella even though some might disagree. Some might find it as a bit of a cliff hanger but truly believe this is the best novella out of the four in different seasons.
The second novella is another one of my favorites and most memorable. It depicts of a young boy learning a dark secret of his elderly neighbors. I had no idea that this story was eventually going down the path of darkness and horror. When I did, it was amazing. Anytime you deal with Nazi’s and the horrors of world war II, it definitely draws upon readers all kinds of emotions and feelings. Just how far can emotions and feelings. Just how far can one’s curiosity go until it completely devours them? This is what I love best about Apt pupil. A young boy and an old man basically are at a tug or war to see who will relinquish first in their game of blackmail. The darkness of this novella is definitely what I consider bone chilling and it was a great to see the author once again writing something as dark as this. The story immediately caught my attention right at the start and I found the story itself to be quite fascinating. I found myself loving the dark ending. It fits with the rest of the story so well!
Breathing method is the worst novella in four in my opinion but fortunately it’s also the shortest of them all. It revolves around a lawyer being invited to some special old man’s club by his boss. the author spends a lot of time building the hype and mysteriousness of this latter than that are the readers than tossed into a story told by one of the club’s member about how a women going through childbirth should control their breathing. It’s kind of weird and I’m sure no many readers know what to make of it at times. Just what exactly is the message here? What I got from it is the will and determination a single women has to go through to bear the child in the period of time the ending of this story within a story was definitely gruesome and unexpected to say the least. The ending itself for the main story is quite disappointing because I feel that the whole mysteriousness of the club and the character Steven himself was totally unnecessary and a complete waste of time. Heck even the main character of David himself has no bearing whatsoever on the story and is just there as a filter to take up space.


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