Kindly allow me to briefly elaborate the reasons why I select Project Management course from three different Universities

Kindly allow me to briefly elaborate the reasons why I select Project Management course from three different Universities

Kindly allow me to briefly elaborate the reasons why I select Project Management course from three different Universities. Project is very essential for the economic growth of my country because infrastructures and other developmental activities are executed through projects. Even if projects are this much important, the level of performance in implementation process is very poor. I believe one among the reasons for protests and unrest in the country is the poor performance of mega projects. In accordance to this spirit I have the opportunities to lead so many research and training project in public organization as my current job. In such work, I am responsible for building capacities of project planners, meddle level leaders and conduct problem solving researches in Dire Dawa Administration, Ethiopia.

From my experience there are so many factors that determine the poor performance of projects. One of these factors is lack of adequate knowledge and skills. Major Ethiopian government projects that cost billions of dollars have failed due to inefficient and unprofessional management. For example, one of the projects that I lead before one year ago was to study the impacts of reform tools implementation project which is implemented for the last six years in Dire Dawa Administration. The finding of the study shows that lack of commitment, negative attitudes of employees on the reform tools, lack of professionals and skilled leader and lack of knowledge on the reform tools are among the factor that hinder the project to have radical change in the process of effective service delivery and customer satisfaction.

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A recent study by Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics (LSE) in UK reported that Africa and Latin American countries are performing less. The assessment was conducted on 33 countries around the globe including 7 African countries. According to this report Ethiopia is the second from the last followed by Mozambique. This report shocks me and sparks a light to have adequate knowledge and skills on project management and contribute for the betterment of project performance on my country.
As a developing country, we have a lot of infrastructure development projects. These projects require a manager who has methodical and social abilities apart from functional abilities. These managers can thus provide the procedures and methods implemented for the realization of complex problem formulation, both technical and organizational related, as well as the integration of socio-communicative processes within project work.

MSc Project Management from Cardiff Metropolitan University, Manchester Metropolitan University and Liverpool University is my choice to pursue my career plans respectively. This programme will give me an opportunity to have practical training and the opportunity to learn transferable skills, expand my professional networks, and apply concepts learned at my home country. Besides the fact that I will be prepared to have better chances to fulfills the requirements to be part of UK developmental projects in Ethiopia and participate in mega projects in the country, that is exactly what I aspire for long term goals.


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