Kapur`s ‘Difficult Daughters’

Kapur`s ‘Difficult Daughters’

Kapur`s ‘Difficult Daughters’, exposes the illicit affair of student and the professor. It also covers up the partition of India. The student virmati goes through a lot of hurdles. She was offended by the society for bearing married man`s child. She dwelled in with unusual emotions. A professor, Harish is a self-seeking man. He is upset by an uneducated wife. He dodged her. He tries to get hold of a soothing spouse. He marries Virmati. Kapur pictures the life of her mother in the character of Virmati. At the age of pursuing education, she agonizes. She conceives affection from her professor. The illegal love affair twisted the fate of the protagonist. She struck between her family customs and dreams. Since she chooses against her customs, she was failed to acknowledge by both of her family. She felt insignificant in the society. She faces too many disregards. When she got a girl baby, Ida her family accepted her. She lived in tranquility with Harish. Kapur won Commonwealth Writer’s prize Eurasia in 1998 for this novel. She brings two similar frameworks in this novel. The struggle of the protagonist in achieving her dreams by opposing her family tradition and endeavour of India to attain their freedom. In the end, two attains freedom losing them.


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