By: streets of LA. I witnessed injustice in

By: streets of LA. I witnessed injustice in

By: Evonna E-mail: emailprotected JUSTICE I always ask myself, do we have the right to speak out the truth.

If yes, I have a chance to place on this paper my thoughts. I disagree with the judicial system in the U.S.A. Many of Americans will tell me I am insane. I am seeking justice. No matter is it in court or on the outskirts of police courtiers.

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I have seen children bleeding to death, shoot by gangs on the streets of LA. I witnessed injustice in court and on our streets. It is time to speak out the truth. My close friend – Shlomo suffered from the lost of his son.

In 1989 Angel was gun down in Sherman Oaks. He was withdrawing money from the versatile machine. They aproached my friend and shot him 8 times! Each times I thing of Angel I ask: “Why was he the victim.

He was just 22 years old.” He had a promising future ahead of him, a loving family. Many of friends will never forget his kindness and loyalty. The police captured the killers. It took the court 6 years to get the death penalty for the murderer of Angel.

Why did it take 6 years to convict a murderer? The killer had a record of killing, many families grieved because of his insane actions. He took young lives, and broke harts of many family members’ .His cruelty touched many people. Word Count: 235

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