Autobigraphical first ride that we went on was

Autobigraphical first ride that we went on was

Autobigraphical IncodentI have been to a lot of fun places.

I have had fun while I was there. Some of the places that Ive been to are Hawaii, Florida (Disney World), and New York.By far, my favorite vacation was to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

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I was in the 6th grade. I had my family there, my Aunt and uncle, and my cousins. My cousin Greg made it the most fun, we are close cousins and good friends. We stayed there for a week. It took us a while to talk my Aunt and Uncle into buying tickets to Disney World, but in the end they finally bought a week pass. We always had to wake up early so we would be the first ones there and the last ones to leave.

The first ride that we went on was Alien Invasion. In that ride you sit down in a seat and start to watch a show. Something would go wrong and the lights would go out. You would see and video clip on the screen and it would be of a guy getting eaten by an alien. Then the screen would go blank and your seat would move down on your shoulders like the alien was walking on your seat buckle. After that hot air would blow on your neck and little tennicles would rub on your neck.

It was the freakiest ride that Ive ever been on. The ride that I remember the most was Space Mountain. That was the first roller coaster I had been on. I can still remember the feeling you got when you went down. I will always remember that vacation.

Greg and I still talk about that vacation.One of my other favorite vacations was when I went to Hawaii. This time I also went with my Aunt and Uncle, my cousins, and this time my grandparents were also there. That just made it more fun by having my cousin come again. We went parasailing. It was so cool to be 800 feet in the air being pulled by a boat. In the beginning they would stop the boat and our feet would get dipped in the water.

That was one on my best momories. We also went on a boat the brought us snorkeling by an island and in turtle town. My cousin and I stayed together the whole time.

We saw a lot of cool stuff like colorful fish and a few turtles. We were able to see 100 feet clearly. My cousin and grandparents had to leave a day earlier than us. The day that they left was the most boring day.One other fun vacation was to New York. That was fun, but no comparrison to Hawaii and Disney World. This time only one of my Grandmas came with us.

We saw the Statue of Liberty, that was smaller than I imagined it. We also went to see the liberty bell in Philidelphia. That was cool, but there were too many people. I was trying to look for the park that was on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. That was fun.

All in all, I think I has some of the best vacations, but I wish I was a little older on some of them so I would be able to enjoy them more. They will still be some of my best memories of my childhood.Words/ Pages : 611 / 24

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