John on pure memory activities. He introduced

John on pure memory activities. He introduced

John Amos Comenius, also known as Jan Amos Komensky was born in Nivnice, Moravia (now known as the Czech Republic) on March 28, 1592. He was the youngest child and only son of Martin Comenius and his wife Anna. He dedicated his life to educating and writing books.

John Amos Comenius was a philosopher who had his own ideas about education, how they came about, and how they influenced early childhood. HE took a prominent part in familiarizing Europe with the idea of national systems of education, covering the whole field from the teaching of infants to the instruction given in universitiesWhen Comenius was twelve years old his parent’s died from a plague and was left an orphan. Since he was an orphan, his schooling started at a later age. Educated at the universities of Herborn and Heidelberg, Comenius began working as a pastor and parochial school principal in 1618. For 42 years of his long and sorrowful life he had roamed the countries of Europe as a homeless refugee.

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He was always poor. However, he composed many works on education and became famous all throughout Europe through his writings.He published some of the first picture books for children, as well as writes a work around pansophic principles that gained him world fame. What does “pansophic” actually refer to? Comenius believed there was only one truth. The light of reason must submit in obedience to the will of God. This is Comenius’ fundamental, pedagogical and pansophic priciple. Comenius’ contributions to the educational scene are immeasurable in many ways.

He pioneered modern educational methods.He wrote several textbooks on education. These were so original that they won him the name “Father of Modern Education”. And because of his efforts on behalf of universal education, he earned the title of “Teacher of Nations”. He was once an educator/teacher during his times in Poland, Sweden, England, and Holland. He advocated the use of visual aids in classroom teaching. Like modern educators, he used pictures, maps, charts, and other visual aids.

He even brought drama into the classroom.He believed learning should be interesting, dramatic, and stimulating. He was a realist who states that knowledge comes primarily through the senses.

He believed that education was founded on the training of sense perception rather than on pure memory activities. He introduced the inductive method of learning wherein the examples are given first before the concept. Being a realist, his ideas about nature set the tone of his works. John Amos Comenius died in harness on 15 November 1670 at the age of 78 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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