Medical the necessary statements from the computer

Medical the necessary statements from the computer

Medical BookkeeperReports to: Department:Classification:Division:Date: Approved:JOB FUNCTION:This bookkeeper position is responsible for pricing of surgeries and other services provided by the physicians and also for telephone collections and patient inquiries.ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:1.

Pricing:a.Obtains chart from secretary.b.Reads the operative report, applies appropriate fee schedule, posts to the batch, secures physician approval of any changes, follows through on the necessary changes, and posts into the system.c.Prepares a monthly written report of the physicians’ totals.

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d.Educates new physicians to the Clinic pricing system.e.Prices new surgeries by comparing with fees from other clinics.

f.Provides an estimate of surgery charges to patients.g.Enters new patient accounts on computer.h.Posts all daily charges.

i.Creates and maintains up-to-date procedural manuals for each physician as these procedures affect and are affected by this position.2.

Collections:a.Performs all collection functions for the Clinic, including working with the insurance companies and the patients.b.Turns over collectables to the collection agency with the approval of the physicians and the Business Manager.c.Checks with attorneys on the status of legal patients every three months.

d.Calls patients and insurance companies for collections.e.Inquires monthly about the 90-day-and-older accounts from the computer.f.Obtains the necessary statements from the computer and performs write-offs.g.

Locates patients who have moved.3.Patient Inquiries/Patient Relations:a.Locates charts and X rays. Copies them and sends them to other orthopedic physicians as requested.

b.Updates patients’ personal data.c.Occasionally enters an insurance number for a new patient when it is phoned in.d.Requests itemized statements through the computer daily in response to patient requests.

e.With regard to cycle billings, assists the Bookkeeper-Computer in disassembling and preparing them for mailing three times a month.f.Receives telephone calls from patients inquiring about their accounts.4.

Other Duties:a.Opens mail, posts payments, and balances.b.Handles miscellaneous mail, such as insurance rejections, statements for patients, etc.c.Helps Bookkeeper-Computer balance at the end of the month and assists in finding errors.ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES:1.

Functions as a backup for the Bookkeeper-Computer.2.Performs other duties as required and assigned by the Business Manager.Challenges Unique to this Position:The fee practices of each of the physicians and the interpretation of charges differ to some degree, and this bookkeeper must be able to recognize possible areas of difficulty and take appropriate steps. Dealing with irate patients when working in the collections area is a challenge and many times creates situations of intense feeling.

Qualifications:1.Strong communication skills required, especially on the telephone.2.Ability to maintain strong relationships with physicians, employees, and patients is essential.3.

Familiarity with medical terminology beneficial.4.Minimal clerical skills and a background of familiarity with finance and business.

5.Ability to deal effectively and patiently with the elderly.6.Knowledge of orthopedics highly beneficial.

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