Word doesntalways do. Jerry proves this when

Word doesntalways do. Jerry proves this when

Word Count: 734In his movie , directorCameron Crowe illustrates how failures and successes areall part of life and if you have love and are happy with yourlife then you will shirley succeed. It is part of life toexperience failure which propels one forward to take risksand make changes to find the answers on how to succeedin lives little games.

Jerry Maguire is an inspiring moviebased on this theme, demonstrating success and failure withbusiness endeavors, love relationships, friendships and selfrealization. Relationships between characters in this moviewere numerous and were very intense. The relationshipbetween Jerry and Rod Tidwell was initially one of strongcontrol exhibited by Tidwell when he asks Jerry to yellshow me the money! and when he refuses to completethe camel car commercial.

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This in turn adds to Tidwellsfailure with company endorsements and extra cash. Jerryalso tries to exhibit control over Tidwell because heexpects him to act in a certain way which he doesntalways do. Jerry proves this when he tells Tidwell the truthabout his arrogant actions towards society and the team.Jerry knows it is in Tidwells best interest to tone down hisarrogance in order to succeed which he does. In the endboth men come to realize their faults and change theirbehavior which results in the success of Tidwells career.The other relationship that drives the story is that betweenJerry and his secretary, Dorothy Boyd. She worked as anaccountant for Jerrys agency, and was so inspired by hismission statement, she was the only one to join him outon his own.

Jerry has significant trouble in being alone,Dorothy is compassionate to him. Both were definitelytaking a big risk but following their hearts. Control is alsoshown when Dorothy is receiving advice from her sisterabout the type of guy Jerry is. Dorothy of course doesntfollow the advice and exerts her own controls over thematter consequently falling in love with Jerry.

Laurel failedin her marriage and Dorothy succeeded. The main idea ofthe movie is that people find happiness in all aspects of lifeto follow their hearts finding a common ground betweenheart and head. This required risk taking on the part ofDorothy and Jerry when they ventured out to start theirown company and when Dorothy followed her heart tomarry Jerry. Rod Tidwell had to learn to add more feelingand compassion or heart to his career which in turn pushedhim further along in his success as a football player andincreased his salary. Jerry Maguire on the other hand gaveup his successful job to follow his heart not letting moneyinterfere with his personal business relationships. A varietyof very meaningful symbols were used to emphasize themovies most inner meaning.

Dorothys black sweater wasseen on the first date and on the night when she broke it offwith Jerry. The sweater symbolizes her love for him but sheknew she couldnt live without his love in return. The actionand use of the word punch was seen when Jerry wasactually punched in his face by his fiancee on the night oftheir breakup. Prior to this scene he had just lost CushAvery, his biggest client, it was like a punch in the stomach.

And then there is the statement by Jerrys mentor roll withthe punches, tomorrow is another day. Maguires use ofthe words love you was a general statement that he usedoften but not in the context of love. This was emphasizedthe night of his engagement party when all of his previousgirlfriends and co-workers said over and over again loveyou Jerry. As the plot develops and the story reaches itsclimax the use of the words love you either by Jerry orother people were more sincere and meaningful. The use ofthe word love changes from a statement made coming fromthe head at the beginning of the movie to a statement madecoming from the heart towards the end of the movie. This isseen in the beginning of the movie when Tidwell hangs upthe phone after keeping Jerry on as his agent, speakingfrom his head not from his heart.

Towards the end of themovie Tidwell uses the statement after his successfulfootball game in a sincere manor which you can tell. Inconclusion the movie Jerry Maguire illustrates how failuresand successes are a part of life and if you have love and arehappy with your life you will surely succeed. Jerry Maguiresucceeded in business and love by following his heart androlling with the punches along the way. For anyone whohas forgotten the feeling that a wonderful movie can trigger,Jerry Maguire, is a welcomed reminder.

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