Jeremey Lanaway Instructor English 100 April 6th

Jeremey Lanaway Instructor English 100 April 6th

Jeremey Lanaway
English 100
April 6th, 2018
Bullet in the Brain
Tobias Wolff is renowned author and is well known for short stories and memoirs. Tobias Wolff’s work is admired by everyone who read his short stories and memoirs. Bullet in the Brain is the short story written by the great personality Tobias Wolff. The story revolves around the main character Anders who is in the bank waiting for his turn and witness the robbery and is killed and shot by the person who is engaged in robbery. The story provides the message that people shouldn’t be judged instantly without understanding the situation. Moreover, one has no right to say negative about others if they have done nothing wrong. In addition to it, the story also tells that with the passage of time innocence of childhood disappeared and harshness started developing in an individual’s life as seen through the main character Andres.

At the starting of the story, when one of the bank tellers declared of position closing, Andres lose his temper and he said one of the lady who is standing in front of him that “Unforgivable” and he also said that “Heaven will take note”. Andres didn’t bother what he was speaking. Without knowing the reason why, the teller had sign in the position closing. He judged that teller very quickly without knowing the proper reason. Andres behavior towards this situation was very arrogant, cynical and ironical. Andres mocked without understanding the situation. The way of acting of the Andres towards different situation was not right. Moreover, his way of speaking was not fair. He quickly judged people which made him and his angry towards people. He could make his life better and happier if he can judge the people according to circumstances. So, one should judge the people gently.

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