A enhance a website by making the

A enhance a website by making the

A Java applet is a small program designed to run on a web page or in a Java virtual machine. The small size of the applet allows it to be executed in most browsers quickly. Applets can be used for various jobs from displaying images to custom navigation menus and even in-browser applications like calculators. A great resource I have found for Java applets is http://www. javafile.

com. This site provides many different applets for people to use on their sites. One applet in particular located at http://www. javafile. om/forms/emailform5. php I found useful was an email form that validates entries in each field, verifies if the person has already submitted the form via cookie then launches the person default email client on submit.

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(JavaFile. com, 2010) JavaFILE I feel this Java applet could enhance a website by making the user experience less complicated. The Java applet also enhances the email received because the user is required to enter data into all fields and cannot be spammed by the form unless the user clears their cookies.Overall this would be a great addition to a website. The difference between Java applets and JavaScript is that applets can stand on their own while JavaScript must be used in conjunction with HTML documents. Java applets are also set programs that are set when the developer compiles the code. JavaScript can be modified on the fly and modified to customize certain points on a website.

JavaFile. com, Initials. (2010).

Email form 5. Retrieved from http://www. javafile. com/forms/emailform5.


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