Jamaica’s Comparative Homeland Security By

Jamaica’s Comparative Homeland Security By

Jamaica’s Comparative Homeland Security
By: Tierra Hudson-Ware

To know it is to understand it, in order for one’s plan to work we must all stand up for each other and take a chance at making things right. In Jamaica nobody ever thinks about the things that could possibly go wrong. The government is trying to find ways, policies, rules and laws, to create safe, straight forward goals and achievements to make their people feel more than what they do. The safety precautions that takes place and happens is more so based off what the people in the surrounding environment allows and what they will stand up for and accept.
When you think of Jamaica you think of all the beautiful things that comes behind it. You never once think of the different things as far as violence floating around in the air. It’s hard to believe that violence even occurs in this place. Trying to piece together the perfect plan and figure out the proper steps to take on making Jamaica a better and safer place to live is the key when it comes to homeland security. Many articles speak about the different forces and the steps they take but it hasn’t yet reached a solution that’ll actually work out. To my understanding security measures out in Jamaica to be like it is in any other country when it’s contributed to terrorism it all faces the same trials and tribulations. Many things can be placed out on there on what to do and how to handle it but nobody ever steps foot to take the risk and stand up for what they believe in.
In the eyes of the government of Jamaica for national security is to produce and environment that’s safe and recreational for which it can enforce achieving goals and building a peaceful dynamic society which would consider human rights, the dignity of all the citizens apart of Jamaica, and constant social progress based on shared values and principals od partnership. The main goal and mission are for all Jamaicans to feel safe, comforted, content, and secure to a better quality of living and realize the real target. Within the multiple relationships between the police- community and the community itself, it has become a broken-down system of reciprocal suspicions with periodic cries from the citizens of the people (Jamaicans) who are surrounded by the drama and complications. Having to deal with frequent murders, homicides, suicides, etc., is a large indication that the lack of worrying, no one to trust, and low confidence within their system of justice and minimum lack of respect for the Jamaican law.
When threats are sent to Jamaica the main concern in of those are due to crime, terrorism, military and paramilitary concerns. Due to these terms this country is really facing high homicide rates. Innocent people are being taken away from their families to the issues the country face on a daily basis. To some families it’s just not fair that they actually have to go through these kinds of mishaps for the simple fact a terrorist act took place, and the member from their family was the one to be caught up in the middle of the situation. The large growth in the number of violent incidents that has many of the citizens living in dear afraid to come outside of their homes because they are in fear of when their last chance at life could actually be. It is now accepting by the people of Jamaica had generated and organization that promotes the culture of violence to be ended in its most positive form. But because terrorism has taken over all, it’s safe to say nothing but negative attention will be attracted because of the things the countries face every day. Its social mores have led to an open mindset for disrespect to occur toward the rule of law and the value of human life.
The NSP (National Security Policy) plays a major role when it comes to the securing of the policies, goals, achievements, responsibilities and putting actions in play for a master plan for fulfilling the goals and visions for the national security over Jamaica. The NSP carries major weight it also introduces the use of political, economic, social informational, and security equipment used for influence and power including the military. The NSP is put into place to help but it’s also up to the surrounding people to come together and use their strength and voices to stand up for their environment and put a plan together. Single handled individuals as well as the members from many private sectors, civil groups are given invitation to take the initiative and join the new and improved upcoming transformation process to take the proper protocol steps to devote time, energy, and effort for achievement of the national security goals. Imagine being a part of a nation who lived my necessary steps and rules to take in order to survive, in order to be safe and see some kind of positive action take place. Jamaica is definitely not just all beautiful blue waterways or palm trees, doing research on the government and learning about these horrible things that’s actually taking place is where you start believing that criminal and terrorist acts happens everywhere, not just overseas, or just in the United States.
Jamaica experiences many threats throughout multiple channels from different countries. Threats have become so severe to what they are experiencing it’s now holding a toll and have taken great effect on Jamaica’s chance to incorporate new rules and achieve its social and economic goals. With so many violent acts being produced it’s actually beginning to bring upon much more unwanted negative attention. In which the citizens are encouraged to the accept and continue the violent behavior. The way the justice system is set up it moves in a slower pace which leads to a lack of confidence and that these government officials above the laws show nothing more but weak or no respect for laws created. Introducing Ice (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) they are around to help monitor and assists with the country’s foreign counterparts. Another thing they are in control of is the health enforcement and safety concerns. They handle multiple kinds of agreements such as bilateral and mutual legal assistance. The Kingston office of ICE is the biggest responsibility of Jamaica and the caveman islands. This office is one of the top organizations who overlook, for see, and became the primary contact for several of the private sectors related to the homeland security, and the customs boarder protection.

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