Ivan Vassili was a ship

Ivan Vassili was a ship

Ivan Vassili was a ship. There was any magnificent or phenomenal about it. She was built for transport freight across the Baltic Sea and to the Gulf of Finland. She was made of clinched iron plates and her deck and superstructure were timber. She had a record of safety. Nothing could took her place during the first five years that she sailed in the sea. After that, everything was changed. She became the sailor’s worst nightmare. The Russian government decided to change the role of Ivan Vassili because they started to fight a war with Japan. She was charged to convey war material to Vladivostok in warships. On the route they took some coal from Africa and Zanzibar. The crew realized that somewhere on route they would have taken on more than coal. Suddenly the crew felt that an existence on panel. Nobody know what is it. But all of them agreed that there was a presence and something was watching them. Later there were confusions on the ship. After, Alec Govinski killed himself. The other men collapsed to the deck and everything returned to normal. Then, the ship resumed its journey to Vladivostok.They thought that anything happened unusual in the first day and second day. On the third they a men killed himself again. The ship reached Vladivostok twelve crew member left from ship. They were scared of the previous events. Suicides continued in other days. Anything could stop the relinquishing from the ship. Everyone quitted from ship expect Second officer Christ Hansen and five Scandinavian seamen, fled. He became captain and set out the ship again. Then, Hansen suddenly killed himself and crew started leaving from ship expect Harry Nelson. He tried to find another captain who doesn’t believe ghosts and superstitions. The steamer departed again to its destination San Francisco. In the morning they found dead. Following day the crew didn’t accept to continue, they turned vessel again. The crew was offered some bonuses to return ship but they refused.


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