fell there. It couldhave been about twenty

fell there. It couldhave been about twenty

fell directly on my faceand clothes. I tasted the droplets that mixed with my tears, the tears Icried after the incident. The pain in my foot was excruciating. It causedme to make a big decision of whether I should visit you or not.

I decided Iwould. I limped towards my bright, blue car where my bony, body collapsedonto the seat. I started the engine up but at the same time being cautiousof my bleeding foot. I then drove to the destination where I was bound tomeet you. I was bound to meet you after three years of counselling from mylast appearance with you. I guess all I can remember is the scarring.

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I remember….When.

…When my friend introduced me to you. My friends were so obsessed andentangled by the wonders you did for them. If I can recall they said youtook them to new places and down new paths.

They talked about how youhealed their sorrows and pain. I could not resist the temptation. Neveronce did I talk to my parents about my encounters which were influenced byyou. What a fool I was. You severely disheartened my life, turned me evil.All my ambitions that inspired me were lost. You and your sharp eyesstabbed me right in the arm.

It also stabbed the people I loved right inthe arm too. Although, it was so amazing how dependent on you I was duringmy youth. These memories still sting like a violent slap across the face.Now, facing you today is such a hard task to overcome..

..I pulled into the driveway and staggered into the loud, large andmysterious place. I was surprised at how many people were there. It couldhave been about twenty or so.

I would not know because I am not highlyeducated. My education actually collapsed after being involved with you. Iput all my attention and focus towards you.

I can’t count the amount oftimes I missed class or skipped school. Whilst thinking of this, a younggirl came strolling over. She had dark, long hair, brown eyes and a slimfigure nearly identical to my own appearance. She wore a white garmentmatched with pure, silk shoes. Her glamour attracted people from alldirections. She looked about twenty five years old.The room was foreign to me, I recognised little.

The sun outside was darkit just barely shown through the window. I smelt the air around me. Itsmelt different to other places; a dead smell. The distant noises began tostir my imagination, noises of cries and swift running feet. I was afraid,not only because of the atmosphere but because you were there! The youngwoman began to walk directly towards me again.

“Hello Beth how are you?” she exclaimed.”I am fine, I was actually here to…

“”I know, I know. I must reassure you from last time, he doesn’t hurt.”Although, she assured me about you, I was still weary. She didn’t know whatyou did to me. She didn’t know my past. The assertive and intelligent girlwalked away, ensuring me I would be next in line.

Quick thoughts ranthrough my mind and my roaring body which was about to explode. Hesitantthoughts. Is there another alternative? The thoughts of seeing your faceagain. The thoughts of the word damage, this word in relation to you.

Iknew I was next so I trampled across the soft textured floor towards thedoor. When I entered, I sat on a large arm chair that supported my frailbody. The confident girl who assisted me went to get you. Help! I’m gettingmore than worried now. The adrenaline that passes through my body is nowunbearable. I can feel the thin hairs on my arms and legs turn to goosebumps. I can’t help but hold my breath when, I see you enter the room.

Itseems the girl has drawn a passion to you. Her hands are all over you. Iguess that was how I felt three years ago. Though, she works with you everyday. You must be happy to have a busy girl like her to take care of you.”Here Beth.” said the girl remotely.

The tears I wept before, have now comeback. Seemingly, they have come back even worse. I start to shufflebackwards to repel your presence. I hate your ugly, unattractive, pointy,horrible face. The fact that I am seeing you again makes me want to vomit.

You know, when your tummy just doesn’t want to stop churning from fear.”Stay still sweetie, he won’t take a minute.” I try to think happythoughts, but where are they? Why don’t I have any? Why was my life somiserable? WHY? Was it because of my teenage years? Was it because youwrecked my youth? If only I had more answers than questions.I can’t go through with this! The pain you put me through last time is allcoming back to me. The girl begins to get impatient. Her face scrunches upinto tiny knots that haven’t been untangled. The frozen state I am indoesn’t help the situation.

AAHHHHH!Oh my god…

.It’s over! It is all over! I can’t believe it. Your presence was quick. Idon’t know how to feel or react.

The young girl put out my hand and shookit. “I forgot to introduce myself. I am Doctor Caitlin” I nodded and leanedback into the uncomfortable chair.

I was still in shock and the process ofrecovering.”By the sound of your scream I thought he had hurt you.” she said.

“Yes, well, I have been in so much trouble because of him I didn’t know howto approach him.” I replied instantaneously.”Well, he’s only a needle now. All he wants to do for Miss Beth is lookafter her and heal that nasty tetanus on her foot.

” Doctor Caitlin said ina polite manner.”Silly me and my foot. If I hadn’t slipped over in the rain I wouldn’t havegot stabbed by that rusted nail.”The doctor began to assist me out of the dark, crammed hospital. She askedif I needed help to my car but I insisted upon going myself. As I walkedout into the heavy rain, I thought about my dangerous encounter.

I thoughtmaybe you weren’t so bad after all. Maybe, if I had used you in anappropriate manner three years ago I could have trusted you more. I couldof not worried about this scenario today. Though, your sharp eyes stillhurt me. The ones that poke me right in the arm and sting for hours. Icould probably like you for healing me.But….I HATE NEEDLES!

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