It is hard to find good habits to do in order to improve our physical

It is hard to find good habits to do in order to improve our physical

It is hard to find good habits to do in order to improve our physical, emotional, and financial health; however, I believe improving my emotional health is the key of my success. Our emotions can control every aspect of our daily life, and it is our job to figure out the best possible way to cope with them. After a very long time, I found a way to control my emotions through music. I don’t really have a favorite type of music. I normally hear all kinds of music depending on how I’m feeling, and how the day looks; for example, if it is super-hot outside I would listen to reggaet├│n, trap, reggae. If it is late in the afternoon and the sunset aurora starts to appear I would listen to country music, or pop romantic, and so on. As I listen to my music, I tend to close my eyes, and I just picture myself standing in a room with white walls, ceiling, and white lights. After that, I concentrate on my breathing to create a rhythm. While I’m concentrating on my breathing, small screens start to appear on the walls. Each screen shows parts of my adventures, the good ones, as well as the not so good ones. After a few seconds, the entire room is completely cover with screens playing every single moment that my memory has kept over the years, and the screens starts overlapping one on top of the other. Standing there, viewing everything moment of my life with an outside perspective has help me understand my emotions. I can see some upsetting moments, I can see how I have overreacted on certain occasions, and that is the exact moment when I’m overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions. I feel frustrated with myself. I feel happy, sad, disappointed, brave, coward, and I feel vulnerable. However, I ignore all the negatives thoughts, and emotions. I always try to focus more on the positive thoughts because if I’m fixated on the negative thoughts, and the emotions it comes with, I’ll never able to accomplish my dreams.


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