Frankie noticed any signs, and was there

Frankie noticed any signs, and was there

Frankie Bakkers 10/27/2011 Is Suicide an Act of Selfishness or an Act of Desperation? Suicide is the modern word for murdering one’s self.

It is just a nicer sounding word than murder. On this fact, I am inclined to be on both sides. Although I lean more to believe that suicide is an act of selfishness because you do not take in consideration the impact it has on those who care about you, wanting relief from all the pain and suffering one has encountered, or you fear the consequences of your actions.Suicide is the ultimate act of selfishness an individual can commit because it leaves those who care behind wondering why. Even though, at that point in time of one’s action one does not think of anything but them self. In the background there sits those who care and love you, such as parents, children, spouses, and friends. As loved ones left behind they wonder why you had to do what you did, why they never noticed any signs, and was there not something they could have done to prevent this from happening.

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Tragically most loved ones wind up being totally in the dark for the rest of their lives. The person who commits suicide simply wants relief from all the pain and suffering that they have encountered in their lifetime, most of the time this is a cause of depression in many cases. Although a person may be depressed, you may never know it because they can cover their problems and thoughts. In many cases people are getting help with their depression but in some cases seeking help does not work and they are fighting a lost cause.Other than depression, one may commit suicide because they are afraid to face the consequences of his or her actions.

A person may have committed a serious crime and later is unable to deal with what may come from their actions, and therefore, they see no way out but suicide. Others cannot deal with the factor of everyday situations in life, for example, dealing with the stress of bills or the loss of their job. Therefore, they cannot face the fact things are rough and under a lot of pressure to provide for their family.Then he or she winds up doing the ultimate thing and commit suicide. In this case, they are being selfish because they are thinking of them self and not their loved ones. In addition, they are leaving their family and loved ones behind. Consequences are not the end of the world, and some people do not deal well with this or cannot face their action.

Suicide is something that is not new to society and has been around for many years, it goes all the way back to Romeo and Juliet.People who are considering suicide, or have committed, or have attempted suicide see it as their way out, their escape from all stress, and a way of not having to deal with everyday life situations. Not everyone turns to suicide; others find a way to get help and other ways to deal with life in general. Because there is help out there, I strongly believe that suicide is an act of one being selfish. We all need to remember if you ever get in that situation that suicide can never be the best solution to any problem no matter how complex life gets.

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