Is this because it is relevant everywhere.

Is this because it is relevant everywhere.

Is Organized Religion Necessary for SocietyAccording to Charon, organized religion is very important to society. However, it seems as if the social world is biased upon which society they base their religion on.

The book brings up many points defending this.One example of the biased definitions s placed under the question can society exist without religious social morals? If you look at the laws in the general area you will notice the Ten Commandments from the catholic religion being placed into the legal system. Thou shall not kill, and thou shall not steal are a main factor in the laws.

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In some religions it is right to kill depending on the reason it is done. In America today however, it is wrong to kill regardless of your reason. It was also brought up that religion helps us explain the unexplainable.

This however is also not an up to date concept. I understand that we still explain good and evil by way of religion. Nonetheless, People these days have found ways to divert the rule of God by having more of an out of this world explanation for why things happen. The focus today turns to aliens and extraterrestrials. There is also a philosophical view point that maybe we dont actually exist.

There re theories being brought up around the world to try to get people to not look towards a religion. Religion is becoming a backdrop in the social world today.Another thing that I noticed when reading this section was the way society does focus on a biased religious agenda. If you look at the schedule of different religion events you will notice the force on a catholic way. Schools and stores close for Christmas but not for Hanukkah. We also find that schools close for Easter and Ash Wednesday, Passover, etc. These are all catholic holidays.

Why arent the other religions included in the days of dedication? It is not fair that our society is so biased. It is true that ones moral system is based on religion though. I believe this because it is relevant everywhere.

Very rarely will you find those hardcore practicing Catholics or Protestants disobeying the laws because they believe it is wrong. It is very noticeable that practicing religious people are very rarely the bad ones in society. Another point is the fact that government is completely ruled by God, and Gods rules. Government bases all they do on God.

I believe all of the presidents of the United States have been Roman Catholic. And on our dollar bills and coins, in fact all currency contains the words IN GOD WE TRUST. This as the book mentions is also biased considering that not all religions focus their belief on God himself. Although many do look to a higher being they may refer to that being as Allah or Buddha, this still may offend them. There is also a controversy on the pledge of allegiance because it contains the phrase One nation under God. This is not much to argue with because when you live in this country you should understand that we base our government and country on God. It is painful to many that new comers to America argue the views that our government has based its success on for so many years.

If I go to another country I am expected to respect their religion just as they should respect mine when they come here. I also agree with the fact that that religion helps to defend ones identity. I dont want to make religion sound like an excuse to do certain things but in some cases it does seem like religion is used as one. In public schools they can not yell at someone for wearing a head covering if it pertains to religion, yet you can not wear a Phillies hat into a classroom. Also certain religions require waiting to have sexual relations until after marriage.

This must also be respected by society. However, some schools argue about how they should respect those of different cultures because they are still stuck on the belief that the American world is a catholic type world. I am also a firm believer in the fact that religions help control the individual so that they act morally. However this view to me is also biased at the same time.

Does this mean that those who act badly are suddenly not religious or spiritual at all? I know many kids who were brought up in a religious family and that have still committed deviant acts. SO this also is a biased view. I also do not agree with the fact that there is no such thing as an atheist. I also know many Atheists. They do not believe in a higher being yet they still have morals and values. Just because they are good people does not mean they are religious. It just means they know right from wrong.

In childhood you were taught that you had a conscience that decided right or wrong, this conscience was not taught as a religious based thing. Therefore atheist does exist. These sociologists are just not open enough to explore how an atheist thinks or feels. I do agree that religious communities also focus mainly on a community standpoint rather that and individualistic one. It is nice to see religious communities reach out into their personal society and try to help it.

It is also nice how in the United States religion is not forced upon one. WE are open to excepting help from other religions without being forced to convert into it. Many Jewish churches offer help to the poorer communities. When they give this help they are often joined by Catholics and Buddhist and all other religions. They all work to help the surrounding community yet none are disturbed in their own personal beliefs. Even though religion is considered necessary for society I do not believe that is absolutely essential. Many will see if they look hard enough that religion does not make the world turn.

Individual morals and values play the role of good and evil. Whether religion based or not morals need to exist.Society will always be forced in some small ways to look up to the catholic ruled United States of America. Arguing does not help because this is the way that the country was built.

We will always be a catholic based society and it will not change. The books view is very biased yet sort of true to an extent. We do need religion, but this is only because we chose to need religion. We will always live in a belief based world.

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