Is to relax and entertain.Of course there is

Is to relax and entertain.Of course there is

Is it better to live in a city or not ? Living environment affects people in a very important way because one person has only one life and everyone always want to choose the most ideal place to live. City or countryside, each place has both advantages and disadvantages. In my point of view, living in a city is better and this essay tackles the most significant reasons why Firstly, you live in a city, it means you live near good medical services. Most equipments of hospitals in countryside aren’t sufficient and modern. Moreover, there are ample doctors who are specialized work in big hospitals.

If you don’t live in a city, when you are sick or get a urgent health problems, definitely you have to travel to a big hospital. Sometimes, the distance from your house to hospital is too far, that is like to risk your life. The second reason is opportunities for education. Children in small towns and countrysides quite limited chances to study and develop.

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With substantial finance and more qualified teachers, schools in the cities are able to provide classes education facilities, such as multi-functional classrooms, advanced sports facilities,   music rooms equipped with stereo system, language classroom.Furthermore, it is a known fact that universities and colleges with a high quality are usually located in big cities, so you can live near good education when living in a city. Another reason I’d like to mention is needs and entertainment. In countrysides, you can live with a lack of water or electricity.

In cities, it rarely happen, furthermore, supermarkets, markets and shops are found everywhere and you can buy anything you need. It has also shopping centers, swimming pools, tennis courts, cinemas, night clubs, pubs, restaurants and a lot of other places, where you are able to relax and entertain.Of course there is no denying the fact that urban life has its disadvantages. For example, polluted air, noise, expensive price, etc. However, any place has different pros and cons, and I still stand by what I said. All in all, regardless of any points to the contrary, I can safely say that living in a city is better, especially in modern society today. It’s a ideal place to live due to its medical services, opportunities for education and entertainment – things which countrysides can not provide adequately.

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