Green, or undergone. Nature is defiantly something that

Green, or undergone. Nature is defiantly something that

Green, fresh and beautiful landscape is the best way to describe Killkenny County in Northwest Ireland. Killkenny County was the most interesting area of Ireland that I visited. I experienced a religious hike that was the most treasured moment on my trip. It was unbelievable for what I saw and got to feel. The event that I witnessed is something that not many people can say they have encountered or undergone.

Nature is defiantly something that will never let you down!First we arrived in the town of Dingle in Killkenny County on a Saturday. A few of my friends and I quickly moved into the local hostile and walked to the nearest pub. As my buddy Ladky and I where doing shots of whisky, two older men from the town joined us at the bar.

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They started asking us questions about America and they also asked us where else weve been in Ireland. It was a good time and they where nice gentlemen, but they had to leave early. My friend Ladky asked the two men why they had to leave so soon. They explained to us that they had to rest up because tomorrow was holy Sunday. They than told us of this traditional religious hike the town does, the third Sunday of every month. They only explained briefly what it was but Ladky and I where intrigued, so we asked if we could go. The two locals told us we where more than welcome to come and then they told us to meet them at the pub at eight p.

m. tomorrow night.I woke up the next morning in a daze. I got up and found Ladky lounging outside.

Ladky and I decided to get some food at the local meat market and walk around the town for a bit. About when we where going to leave our friend Will asked if he could join us and of course we said, yes. As we walked around the city, we told Will about this religious hike that is a traditional thing for the town and how we where invited to go on it. He asked us shortly after we explained are plans for the evening if he could go and Ladky said, why not, the more the merrier.

Within no time it was eight p.m. and Ladky, Will, the two Irish men and I met at the pub. We all had a pint of Guinness and made are way to the start of the hike.

When we got there the whole town was there. Everyone was given a torch and when nine p.m. came along the hike began.

As we walked, we enjoyed the sky, which was glittering with stars. Everything was so peaceful and beautiful. When we got half way up the mountain we turned around and looked at the bay behind us. Everything was so enchanting and the waves where moving in such a fluid matter that it was mystifying. The moons reflection of the sea was also mesmerizing and everything so magical that it was somewhat hypnotizing as we stood staring at the great wonder we call nature.

Finally, we got to the top of the mountain and we saw how amazing the planet earth can be. The mysterious clouds lingering, the moon glistening, the stars shining so bright and land so stunning our mouths hung as we gawked at the wonders of the world. The wind was slightly whistling through the grass and the sweet smell of the ocean stimulating our senses. It was the loveliest thing I have ever seen; everything was in harmony with each other. Nature is something unbelievable in its marvels. What I witnessed was extremely sensational.

The scenery that I observed made me feel lucky to be alive on such an exquisite planet.My feelings on what I saw as I walked down the mountain was of great joy. The hike was something Im lucky to have done and it was also a magnificent way to see nature beyond human belief. I think back and I cant believe what I distinguished. After the hike we walked back to the hostile with smiles on our faces. Finally, when we got the top of the hill that our hostile was on we turned around and saw the sunrise reflection gleaming straight into the bay.

That ending topped everything, making the whole entire night breath taking.The entire trip in Ireland was absolutely a blast. It is something I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life. To take part on the opportunities I got to live through was amazing but Dingle topped it all. Ive experienced nature like no one else has ever before or ever will.

It was my time with nature and for what I caught a glimpse of makes me feel fortunate. Nature is defiantly something gorgeous, fantastic and something that will always be there to shock you! Bibliography:none

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