Introduction On December 27

Introduction On December 27

On December 27, 1996, in Boulder, Colorado the 6-year-old pageant queen JonBenét Ramsey was found murdered in her family home. JonBenét’s mother Patsy walked down the staircase on the morning of December 26 to find a three-page ransom note and her daughter missing. Patsy called 911 and several close friends to come over. JonBenét’s 9-year-old brother Burke stayed in his room while JonBenét’s father John stepped into action alongside his wife.
The search to find JonBenét was quickly set into motion. The ransom note details that the Ramsey’s were to give over $118,000 for the return of JonBenét, and that they would call at 10 a.m. the 27th for confirmation. No phone call ever reached the Ramsey’s. Detectives then urged the family to search the home, after seven minutes John found JonBenét’s lifeless body in the old coal room downstairs. The case promptly switched from kidnapping to murder case.
As JonBenét’s case lingered on, several questions followed the family. Many had suspicions that Burke, John, or even her own mother Patsy could have murdered JonBenét that December night. With media, evidence, and detailed interviews the mystery of who murdered JonBenét gained popularity and somewhat encouraged the creation conspiracies. To this day the murderer of JonBenét roams free, and the case of this 6-year-old pageant queen only becoming colder.


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