INTRODUCTION As an employee

INTRODUCTION As an employee

As an employee, we have many rights that must be maintained by us. It is known as the responsibility of the employer and employee. There are several of employee’s rights that must be known by the employer and the employee that should be maintained. The employee’s rights that we should know are about their safety and health, and the wages or salary that supposed to be paid by the employer to the employees. Some issues regarding the safety of the workers and the wages that supposed to be paid by the employer to the employees can be seen through the newspapers and even on the social media. The issues about these two are also the popular issues that always come from the newspaper or the social media. Other than that, women employees also have some issues regarding their safety which is they are exposed to the sexual harassment. Most of the employees who faced this issues are not brave enough to report about this things to their boss or maybe doing a police report. These problems that occurred might be because most of them are not know that they are having the rights to correct the problems or maybe prevent themselves from facing a bad issues in their workplace. So, in this report, I was assigned to analysis related to the issues that happened in Malaysia regarding the Human Resource Management.

First, is safety and health. Safety must be provided by the employer especially for the workers that work at the dangerous place such as at the building sites or the building operations, or at the hazardous industry that may be risking the employees’ life or safety. According to the New Straits Time on their official website, the writers of the article said that “employers and employees must embrace a safety culture”. From my research, there are many issues that related to the safety of the workers in Malaysia. For example, the articles about the safety of the employees, that I found at New Straits Time online, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, who is the Chairman of National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (Niosh) stated that every day in 2011, there were three work-related deaths. “Two out of the three deaths were due to commuting accidents,” He added. According to the SOCSO’s statistics, in the morning, the accidents are tend to happen on the way to work. It may happen because the employees are rushing to go to work because they are already late. Based on statistics, the factors that made the accidents happened are because reckless driving, speeding, handphone texting and not focus while driving. All of these problems are occur because the employees are not aware or lack of awareness among them, the lack of comprehensive training programmes or the lack of commuting safety management among workers.

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Next, is about the wages or salary that supposed to be paid by the employer to the employees. Problems that related to this case are when the employer refused to pay it to the employees, or maybe the employer is paying their salary late than the exact date that the employees should get the salary. Employees are having rights to claim their money because they supposed to get the payment for the works that had been done that is worth with their work time also which is the overtime work. Based on Free Malaysia Today, on the article on that website, there are complaints regarding the unpaid wages which is not paid on the time. A graduated architect who is come from Kuala Lumpur once said that her boss was failed to pay her salary for two months and she also said that the company was facing the financial problems. At one month, which is on May, the company again having short of funds and her March and April wages was still unpaid and dragged to August. This shows that the company was breaking their promises to pay their employees’ wages on time. Employees are having right to claim their wages on the time they should get it and also complaint about these issues to the right party to settle this problems. It also shows that the company is not having a good financial management until the issues are occurred.

Lastly, the issues that related the employees’ right is about sexual harassment safety among female employees. Sexual harassment in the workplace means that unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or maybe the physical contacts that leads to sex that are unwanted by the female employees. According to The Star online, 60% there are people from various sectors said that they are having sexual harassment in their workplace in Malaysia. Half of the workers that had made the sexual harassment towards them are their boss or someone senior. Through the new online poll, it is also stated that 44% of the employees or victims are keep silent about the sexual harassment that have been happened to them and only 12% employees or victims have gone to make a report about the sexual harassment that have been happened to them. In the article on The Star online also, Aminah, a former counsel in the oil and gas industry has said that “Many employees don’t know what to do because many companies don’t have a policy in place and the Human Resource are not trained to deal with sexual harassment.” The issues are still occur until now are because the employees or victims are like to keep silent and keep the secret by themselves.
For the first issues, which is about the safety of the workers, employer should provide the insurance to the workers, it is to make sure that the employees are getting their safety protection while doing the job outside of their company. The workers who are also doing a job at hazardous industry are also have to take care of their safety and their employer should provide an insurance so they could claim it if there are something bad that happened to them. Human Resource Department or the company should provide the awareness for the workers regarding the accidents that could happen to them if they are running late to work. It is because, workers are tend to drive in the dangerous situation as long as they can arrive to their workplace on time.

For the second issues, which is about the wages and salary that must be paid by the employer, the company should have a good financial management. It is because, if they are bad at managing their company financial, they will have problems to pay their employees’ salary on time. To get a wages or salary on time is their right, they can make a complaint about it to overcome the problem and get the salary that are worth it with their works and work time especially an overtime. Employees have to stand up and fight for their rights and make a complaint to Human Resource Department, so they can help to solve this problem for the employees.

Lastly is about sexual harassment that happened to female employees in the workplace in Malaysia. Victims that facing with sexual harassment in workplace should not be afraid to make a complaint to Human Resource Department if they are having this kind of problem. Human Resource Department should help them to overcome this problem so the mistakes will not be repeated in next time. Employees or victims also should be opened up to tell the real stories to Human Resource so they can help them to solve this problem.

In the conclusion, these problems that related to employees’ rights, such as safety and health of the employees, the wages or salary that have been paid to the employees by the employer and also about the sexual harassment issues that happened to the female employees at the workplace can be settled if the employees are opened up to story about these problems to Human Resource Department. The issue that we can see from the newspaper online, it shows that workers are tend to face an accident during a worktime and if they’re rushing to work. The employer should give an awareness to the employees about these issues. Second, the issue about the wages or salary that must be paid to employees on time also have to be overcome by managing the company financial wisely. As for the third or last issue which is about the sexual harassment that happened to the female employees at the workplace can be overcome if the victims itself are brave enough to make a report about that to Human Resource Department so that the male employee who are guilty could get an appropriate punishment. So, what do I get from this analysis are, one day, if I will get a job and become the employee, I should study more about the employee rights that I must know and if something bad happened to me during the work time, I should make a report to the Human Resource Department so they can help me to solve the problems that will be faced by me later. As for the company, company or employer should be aware of the employees’ right and give to them their rights and not cheating on it because it can be the biggest mistake to be done by them. They also should be responsible for paying the wages or salaries to their employees on time. It is because, their employees are not having difficulties while doing their job and tasks just for free.


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