Every only help me academically and financially,

Every only help me academically and financially,

Every human being in this world has his or her own individuality and he or she has his or her own way of living. However, in todays competitive world, only the ones that can distinguish themselves from this broad and general category are the highly successful ones. And any person, who has the ability to be very patient, is hard working and has enough self-motivation, is also most likely to be the highly successful.I, even as a kid, have always tried to be unique in what I am and the way I look at the world. Unlike most of my peers, my goals have been set for a while. I decided to pursue my goals in the field of modern computing at about age fifteen, when I migrated from India with my parents.

America provided me with some of the very excellent opportunities that hardly exist in third world countries such as India. Even though migrating to new place that was completely foreign to my family and me was a hard time, I decided I would lead a normal life, unlike how other migrated-Americans do. I decided to overcome the odds and worked hard and thus here I am, in one the well-established Universities in the nation. Now that I am here, I would be at an advantage by being ahead of the game and an internship opportunity in my freshman or sophomore would be of great help in doing so. This would not only help me academically and financially, but would also provide me with necessary experience in real world situations.

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An internship with a company, which is well established, is a brilliant source of knowledge. Firstly, I will be able to physically see and experience the concepts that I have learned through out my life. This provides me a chance to reflect upon what I have learned in the past. On the other hand, I will be able to gain some very important insights of working with seniors officials in reality. I would be able to utilize their experience as a guide to correct my mistakes and discovering more skills that might be of use in the future. Another exciting feature about an internship program is that, I will actually realize what my duties would be when I would start as an employee for a similar organization as the sponsoring company.

I will learn what I shall need, and thus will be able to focus on those areas that I am weak at. Apart from that, it would also enhance my scope of getting accepted to a good school for the Masters Degree.Since I am very interested in participating in such a fruitful experience, and possess the necessary abilities such as responsibility, patience and adoptability along with the potential to be successful, I feel the SAGE scholars program is the perfect opportunity that I should take advantage of. I realize that such opportunities are not the ones that are available to everyone and everyday. I am glad that I am qualified enough to apply for this program and I thank everyone who has worked to make this available to me.Bibliography:

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