Are kind of website could make a

Are kind of website could make a

Are customers likely to be confused by an integrator positioning that suggest a Web site sells anything and everything? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this positioning? From my perception, it is confusing if website sells anything and everything without focusing on the products they prefer to provide, although that it is also true that sometime we prefer to buy from site that we often buy (for example: KasKus) it provides almost everything.Advantage of this positioning of course the traffic of user that looking for a goods to buy, this will increase time-spent on this site which is increasing the value of the web also; the other advantage is when people are browsing and they don’t have any willing to buy things, but there will always a chance for them to take-a-peek on shopping forum which is also creating an ‘opportunity’ that selling will happen, not only that but also creating another selling for example when I want to buy clothes, but I also see jeans on the forum, I would also ‘tease’ to take a peek on that jeans.This kind of positioning also create a disadvantage from user/website owner side, for user they will not find a particular things that they want to buy because normally this kind of forum did not provide all things from one brand, so in simple word, this website is not focusing on the product so they don’t have a various product. The user will also confuse with so various catalog listed in the web.

From the website owner, this kind of website could make a user don’t want to browse anymore because it’s too confusing for them.Online Entrepreneurship is one of the hottest fields in Indonesia lately; choose one of the “local” startup that you think will succeed as a solid business entity, and tell your reasons are. I think KasKus will succeed as a solid business entity (community based). Right now KasKus members reach more than 3. 4 million users with posting total more than 410 million and 838 million pageviews (or 20 million per-day) and it keeps growing because Internet penetration in Indonesia is growing fast also (25 Million internet user in 2008, and now 84 Million). Referring to data mentioned previously, surely KasKus still has a huge market to be grabbed.Forum Jual-Beli and Advertising on KasKus is still becoming a ‘gold plant’ to get revenue (right now their revenue is about IDR 10Bio per year), more and more revenue will be generated from online transactions, especially if we look from market condition right now that prefer to use online media as the way to reach broaden market not only in Indonesia but can also reach International market.

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Knowing that KasKus vision is to be biggest online media, it is very possible that KasKus will create website provides news, forum, and everything just like Kompas. om and surely with the ‘fanatic’ – ‘loyal’ users of KasKus, they would beat Kompas. com easily as an online media.

Or maybe it could be like Google, when people want to search for something they just need to “KasKus-ing”. From my views, KasKus’ vision is very achievable especially after KasKus been bought by Djarum Group (PT. Global Digital Prima) with total value approx.

IDR 500 Bio. With this huge investment, I can say PT. GDP having a very BIG idea to be implemented in order to grab Indonesia potential market.

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