” Interesting facts ” Interesting facts about the Egyptian Great PYRAMIDES Already traditionally mentioning the word pyramid

” Interesting facts ” Interesting facts about the Egyptian Great PYRAMIDES Already traditionally mentioning the word pyramid

” Interesting facts ” Interesting facts about the Egyptian Great PYRAMIDES Already traditionally mentioning the word pyramid, usually the interlocutor, mean exactly the tourists popular with the Great Pyramids, which are in Giza (about 5 kilometers from Cairo). 1) Cheops (Khufu) 2) Khafre (Hafre) 3) Mikerin (Menkaure) Today there are several versions of how the great Egyptian pyramids from Giza originated. Historians, referring to the ancient Arabic documents, say that these structures were built by people. Someone considers the grandiose construction initiative of a certain king Saurid, others think that it was Hermesh Trismegistus. Along with the official versions, there are also strange ones. So, who is sure that the pyramids are the work of aliens, and the earthlings only restored them. And there is an opinion that these unusual structures were created by the ancient Atlanteans … But let’s return to what we, all the same know for certain … All the pyramids of Egypt slowly but surely “melt”. For example, today from the original height of the Cheops pyramid – 146 m 60 cm – there are only 138.75. And yet, despite the ruthless time, this building is considered one of the most grandiose in the history of human civilization. It is not by chance that it enters the seven wonders of the world. At the base of the pyramid, there are 10 standard football fields, and to circumvent it around the perimeter, you need to overcome about a kilometer. The specialists determined the total weight of all blocks of the pyramid – more than five million tons. Two paths lead to the pyramid. The first entrance is “official”, located at an altitude of more than 15 meters 63 centimeters and consisting of granite slabs laid in the form of an arch. It was on it that the body of Cheops himself was once introduced into the structure, and then the hole was sealed with granite. However, tourists can enter the pyramid not through this entrance, but through a break made already in our era. The greedy caliph, who ordered to continue the wall, was looking for pharaoh riches, but found nothing but the dust of centuries. For centuries, scientists thought that the Egyptians used the pyramids as funerary structures. Today, other hypotheses have been put forward. One of them argues that each pyramid is a real “reference book” of units of measurement, mathematical quantities and weight measures. Other experts believe that the pyramids combined two functions – calendars and geodetic instruments. And someone in general thinks that these huge stone structures served the Egyptians as an observatory for observing space objects. A rare modern man did not hear about the so-called curse of Tutankhamun: the story that all the members of the expedition who broke the peace of the pharaoh and opened his tomb, very soon died, and under very strange circumstances. In fact, this is not so. In total, when the mummy was found, 22 people were present, led by Lord Carnarvon, the “pioneer” of the expedition. This was in 1922. A few months later, the lord died of a disease caused by a mosquito bite. The mystics immediately announced that this was not an accidental event, but the revenge of a troubled pharaoh. In the period up to 1936, another six people went to another world, but for 14 years that have passed since the expedition’s time, this is not surprising. And the archaeologist H. Carter, the closest associate of Carnarvon, generally lived for 66 years, although it would seem that the Pharaoh’s punishment was to be overtaken by the lord.


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