Challenges there is a need for end-to-end solutions.

Challenges there is a need for end-to-end solutions.

Challenges faced By Infosys Management in branding the company: • Lack of vision/Direction: Choose one of the four faces—end-to-end service including consulting in IT services, maintain status quo, expanding leadership in Indian market, end-to-end vertical integration capabilities.

Markets: India only vs. Global Branding. • Advertise what: Value proposition shift from low cost operational high efficiency service provider to include high end business consulting. Not advertising the global brand image but the solutions strategy.

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Lag/Lead vis-a –vis competitors: Low measure on solution impact while high efficiency on GDM. Competitors are multinationals with deep pockets and superior brand establishment. • Budget: Developing a brand without advertising and creating a sustainable and sensible marketing strategy with limited budget. Global Branding Strategy Infosys Global Branding strategy should look at the following factors: • What is the value proposition of the business they are trying to sell and to whom? Correctly identify the higher management (decision makers) in customer organizations and pitch Infosys’s value proposition to them as an end–to-end service provider. • Infosys has a better price-value proposition than most other firms who are into high end consulting. This has to be brought out to customers categorically. Refer Appendix1.

Branding Strategy: • Target your existing satisfied customers where there is a need for end-to-end solutions. They are already aware of Infosys GDM and its efficiency in delivery.Infosys should meet their selection criteria of “reputation”, ”industry skills”, ”breadth of expertise” etc through its existing relations. Play on bringing “Infosys Predictability” to high end consulting. • Try to focus on building your brand through word-of-mouth marketing by satisfied customers in business forums or to your customer’s customer.

Image should be: Cost reduction with confidence of delivery. • Involve in global hiring in the business consulting domain more aggressively so as to gain Global expertise as well as build your brand as a global recruiter. Every brand that has made it big globally is quite strong at its home turf.

So Infosys has to look at the domestic market and make sure that it captures the Indian/India centric market as well as builds enough brand equity to make sure that talented young engineers are willing to join. Its campus connect programmer in graduate colleges is a step in the right direction. It can in future extend the same policies to post graduate programme in order to pick up talented resource pool for its consulting base. Infosys has to turn to advertisements in selected technological magazines and such in order to build its Global brand image as it does not want to advertise itself in the mass media. It has to play to its strength of its superior delivery service and brand itself as the most reliable end-to-end solution provider for local as well as global markets.

India Strategy: • Get into packaged solution providing deals for your most preferred customers in India since the market growth potential is much smaller compared to the U.S market but the knowledge gained will help in globalization of the company via using the knowledge gained in several industries. • Maintain current talent capture and retention strategies and build a global brand so as your employees are proud to be a part of the organization. Appendix1: |Current Consulting Industry Norms |Infosys | |Projects often fail to deliver results. |Explicit alignment between value and activities.

|Unnecessary overhead |Operational discipline | |Too many bad surprises |Transparent Projects | |Move the workers to the work |Move the work to the workers | |Consultants know everything |Emphasis on constant learning | |We are a one stop shop |No one has a monopoly on knowledge | ———————- Who are you? What are you? What about you? Why believe you?

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