Infidelity However, infidelity like a mirror because it

Infidelity However, infidelity like a mirror because it

Infidelity is unforgivable whether or not. In the article, “Is infidelity always bad” by Ananzi Men, he has doubt on infidelity is always bad or not. Many people have marriages and are still tend to lie to their wives or husbands.

Why are they willing to forsake all others and don’t tell the true to their partners? One point I found significant in the reading was when the author stated that, “Whist many people have monogamous marriages and ‘forsake all others’, affaires are also a fact of life”.In my opinion, infidelity is a mirror to reveal our real relationship between wives and husbands, so infidelity sometime is not a bad thing. Many people think their partner lie to them is a really bad saturation. However, infidelity like a mirror because it also a fact of our life.

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When it happened, we could reflect our relationship of our marriage. Sometime we do not aware that we have problems in our marriages that are come from ourselves. Moreover, because we are too selfish, so we are going to blame on our partners who did something wrong more than ourselves.That’s why like the author when she said, “There are numerous reasons why people have affairs”. In other word, we are making excuses to protect ourselves. When the infidelity is happened, we just realize that something lacking in our marriages, such as communication, emotional support or satisfying sex. People are usually learning things from their failure.

Therefore, we can reflect our relationship from different aspects and how strength it is. How can we maintain a good relationship in our marriages? When we started to make excuse to something that we did it wrong, we should think about our partner’s feeling.If we tell lie to our wives or husbands the first time, they may forgive what you did, but they are not going to forgive you the next time. In contrast, when we have a problem, we do not tell lie and just talk to our partners.

We may pass the obstacles more easily. Thus, communication is important in our marriages. For example, Mike who do like his wife have too much work and don’t have time with him, so he feel lonely and infidelity to his wife.

He blamed on his wife have no time with him, but he did not think about her feeling that she may really busy and tired.If they have open-minded to talk about this issues, they will not get divorce at the end. Based on the article, “The most common complaints, particularly from men, are lack of sex or not enough steamy sex.

” When we can satisfy our mental and physical needs, we are not going to have infidelity to our partners because we will think more positive than negative about our partners. Ergo, infidelity likes a mirror to reflect the relationship in our marriages. If we can concern more our partner’s feeling, “Till death us do part” is not a legend. It could become true.

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