1. aimed to reward the students as

1. aimed to reward the students as

1. 0 nTITLE Problem faced by student who went for Industrial Training.

2. 0 BACKGROUND Industrial Training (IT) for undergraduate students is a necessary training program to all UTM’s students. The Industrial Training is compulsory to all undergraduate students as it is a part of curriculum in all UTM’s faculty programs. Undertaking the Industrial Training is one of the requirements needed to be passed for the rewards as Bachelor. During the training program, students are attached either in the public or private sector.The placement of Industrial Training is freely selected by the students whereby they have to find any sector, company or agency that suits the course taken at the University.

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Therefore, students are encouraged to search for the training placement as early as possible since industrial training is highly competitive among all higher learning students. Industrial Training is the most appropriate platform to expose the students on the theoretical knowledge learned in classroom practices at the workplace to the fullest. Therefore, Training Program functions to introduce students on the early phase of working environment.The Technical Training is not only mainly aimed to reward the students as Bachelor but also to produce a well-competent trainee who employable in future job market. Industrial Training is conducted during the third year of studies after students have acquired all the basic subjects related to the course taken. Mostly, the training must be completed within 10 weeks. During the 10 weeks of training program, students are strictly ordered to obey the rules and regulations been set up by both the Faculty and the Industry itself.

Rules of Faculty cover on the Industrial Training Dress Code, Disciplinary Aspects, Positive Attitude as well as Intrapersonal Skills. As for the Industry, the common rules needed to be followed by the students are the Punctuality according to the formal working hour and other positive attitude such as, cooperation, responsible, participation, and determination and the rest of rules. Failure in obeying the rules may result in degrading the Possessing good values especially in dealing with senior staff of the particular training sector throughout the 10 weeks training may somehow upholding the name of the University.All the training students will be put under the Industry Supervisor whom is assigned to monitor the performance of the students regarding the project or task given. Besides the Industry Supervisor, Faculty Supervisor will also have a visit in order to assess the students and deal with any problem might be faced by the students whom under their concern. Assessment is one of the important elements of Industrial Training. All the training students are assigned to complete two written assignments, namely the Log book and Industrial Training Report.

Log Book is a daily record on any job-matters done by them. It is then used as a reference in preparing a precisely detailed Training report which must be submitted to the Faculty Supervisor according to the time-frame given. The mark from the faculty supervisor is 20% followed by 30% given by the industry supervisor. Meanwhile, Industrial Training report takes up 40% and the least 10% for log book. The final grade will be issued in the certificate by the respective Faculty based on the grading format been set up either HL for ‘Hadir Lulus ‘or HG for ‘Hadir Gagal’.It is a proof indicating that one has undergone the Training Program which consequently qualifies the student to be titled as a Degree holder on their field.

3. 0 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMS We get an idea to do this research because we all not yet through for our IT process. So we found that our friends include us are often wondering what actually will be faced during industrial training process later. In our view, surely some problems would be emerging during IT process. Generally, we expect that the problem that will be faced can be divided into several parts.Firstly is personal preparation before going for IT. What does it means is most student lack of preparation for the IT process.

It is included preparation on mental and physical. Preparation is important, so student will be not surprised when undergoing their IT later. Secondly, the period of the IT which is students are given 10 weeks to complete their IT. But the problem here is either this period is enough or not for student acquires what they should get during the IT. Thirdly is workplace.

Generally, in engineering we have two type of company. It is contractor and Consultant Company.Those who work inside consultant more apply theoretical while those works with contractor have to be more skilled in site.

But in case of IT, we do not know which one is better and suitable for student. Fourthly is, we do not know what are actually the perception of outside society on UTM student. If the outside people have the bad perception on UTM student, it will be problem because belief they on UTM student will be diminishes. 4. 0 PURPOSES / OBJECTIVES The purpose of this research is to evaluate the effectiveness of Industrial Training among student.There are four objectives in this research, which is: 1.

3. 1First to know either student prefer to do the Industrial Training at government or private sector. 1. 3.

2Second, to define the factors are those students considered when choosing their course of their Industrial Training. 1. 3. 3Third, to identify the effectiveness of Industrial Training period.

1. 3. 4Last objectives for this research to identify student perceptions and expectation before and after undergoing Industrial Training. 5. 0 RESEARCH QUESTIONS The research questions for this study are as follow: 1.

4. Which sector that student prefers to do their Industrial Training whether at government sector or private sector? 1. 4. 2What are the factors are those students considered when choosing their course of their Industrial Training? 1. 4.

3 How Industrial Training period effect for the students? 1. 4. 4 What are student’s perceptions and expectation before and after undergoing Industrial Training? 6. 0 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY In this research, we hope that we can provide enough information for all students who have not taking the Industry Training about their preparation especially the third year.We also conduct this survey among student who already did their Industry Training in order to share their knowledge and experiences with us. So that we can know or understand real life situations in industrial organizations and their related environments and accelerating the learning process of how his or her knowledge could be used in a realistic way. We also can know the best industry such as government or private that we can choose after they answer our questionnaire.

So, hopefully result from this research can help us to do some preparation for ur Industrial Training too. 7. 0 SCOPE We will focus our survey among student of UTM. We specialise the final year’s student since they already did their Industry Training and the third year’s student who will be taking their Industry Training in order to find out their preparation.

8. 0 METHOLOGY FOR DATA COLLECTION Primary data The instruments used to collect the data were questionnaire and observation. A set of questionnaire containing 16 questions divided into 3 sections.It have different question types, such as yes-no, open-ended, and scales were used in the questionnaire.

The different sections of the questionnaire were demographic information, factor considers and problem faced during Industrial Training, comments. The questionnaire was piloted to a group of 100 students to assess its validity before it was distributed. Observation is another method of data collection for the research. In this study, observation is used for the purpose of obtaining the effectiveness of Industrial Training.

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