In today’s society

In today’s society

In today’s society, drinking water from a plastic water bottle has become the norm. Without a doubt, water is the most valuable renewable resources on our planet. The plastic in water bottles is very hazardous because the society does not care about the environment and is throwing the bottles anywhere.Tap water has chemicals, and dirt that can make people sick, and it is not pure water like most bottled water companies. Even though 25% of bottled water is just tap water disguised, the other 75% is pure and whole water. You really have to find the right type of bottled water. When they clean bottled water, they actually take out magnesium, chlorine, etc. When they purify this water, they take out all the bad chemicals that will make you sick. Chlorine for example is what public pools use to clean the water to make the water free from germs. This chemical can make you sick, and it might be in your kitchen faucet.

In the United States, the government is supposed to make sure that your tap water is healthy. What you don’t know is that half the time they don’t pay attention to the water sources, and just let the dirty water flow through the pipes into your house faucets. The International Bottled Water Association claims “Differences in the regulation of tap water and bottled water, though minima, highlight the differences between drinking water delivered by a public water system and drinking water delivered to the consumer in a sealed container.”
According to Katherine Zeratsky, R.D and L.D, “Many cities in developing countries where there is not a safe source of tap water, bottled water becomes a trusted opinion.” This means that in other countries, they can’t rely on the water they have so they automatically go with bottled water because it is healthier for you.

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In 1993, Milwaukee, Wisconsin had an outbreak on their water supply. The water in Milwaukee was poisoned from dirt and other things in the sewer. Many people were hospitalized because they got sick. Most people love tap water instead of bottled water, but most people are surprised to hear that the perfect water they think they drink is just dirty filthy water that is never clean. Many people believe that because water from a tap is better and better for the environment, but bottled water really has a better taste and quality. Also not odor, color, or artificial flavor.

These facts are from sources who have experienced these kinds of events. Tap water is bad for you and you should never drink it. If you are really thirsty, then grab a bottled of water and go to your job, gym, really anything. Just remember that bottled water is good for you and drink as much as you can.

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