In this Experiment

In this Experiment

In this Experiment, I explored and investigated one of the most important cellular processes called diffusion. By measuring the distance of diffusion in agar cubes and transforming the data, I found results that explained what determined the efficiency of diffusion. The efficiency of diffusion is determined by the size of a cell in particular its surface area to volume ratio and was clearly reflected in my results and graphs. In this experiment, I explored and measured the efficiency of diffusion. Diffusion is one of the most important processes of a cell as it is used to transport materials such as molecules, nutrients, water, oxygen, and cellular waste through the cell membrane of a cell. In this experiment we used gelatin blocks called agar cubes to represent the cell, and measured how much distance Sodium Hydroxide could diffuse in the cube after a set time. Our experiment investigated the relationship between surface area/volume and efficiency of diffusion in the model cells.


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