In this essay

In this essay

In this essay, it is about the newest product that the Samsung Company launch recently, the Samsung Galaxy S9. Samsung Galaxy S9 is original come from South Korean. Samsung Galaxy S9 are Android smartphones produced by Samsung Electronics as part of the Samsung Galaxy S series. Samsung finally took the wraps off the rather lovely new S9 and S9+. They have all the headline-grabbing features they need to be top contenders in the smartphone world. The unique selling point of Samsung Galaxy S9 is a collection of minor improvements to its camera, which is already among the best in the smartphone business. There is also an attractive point that attract more customer is the curveSamsung Galaxy S9 have the super slow-motion function, it can shoot at incredible speed: 960 frames per second, thanks to the super speed sensor. Samsung Galaxy S9 also have an optical image stabilization (OIS) function. This (OIS) function is good for those people who have shaky hand, it reduce blurring. Even your hand shake a little while taking photo your photos will still come out sharp thanks to optical image stabilization (OIS). It keeps photos clear even if you’re a little shaky. Beside that, Samsung’s AI-powered Bixby service allows S9 users to point its camera to translate a foreign-language sign, without having to swipe through menus or choose settings every time. This function is quite good for those traveller. The Samsung Galaxy S9 has hit the market as the hottest new phone, and one of the outstanding features everyone is heatedly discussing is wireless charging. It means you no longer have to hook your phone up to the wire, damaging your charging port over time. Instead, you can simply set your new Galaxy S9 on a wireless charging pad or stand and your device will automatically charge wirelessly. One of the biggest competitor of Samsung galaxy S9 is Iphone X which also has launched in the same year.
Very well, so there aren’t a huge number of people who switch between these two big brands’ handsets, but hear us out. The iPhone X is a faster phone with a comparable battery life, and offers the kind of app stability that Android owners still lust after – that’s a key thing. The camera isn’t as strong in low light and, like the Galaxy S9, the colours are more natural-looking, rather than punchy; it’s also more expensive, and doesn’t have a headphone jack. That said, it’s the most impressive iPhone we’ve ever tested, so if you’re thinking of making the jump this would be the iPhone to jump to. As the target segment of Iphone X, it target both young adult and businessmen. As compare to Samsung Galaxy S9, of course Samsung Galaxy S9 is cheaper than IPhone X.
Next, we have a Huawei P20 pro which also has launched in this year too. Huawei is original come from Shenzhen, China. As of 2018, Huawei is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world behind Samsung. For the target segment, Huawei P20 pro targeted the price segment. It is much cheaper than Samsung and Iphone. The unique selling point is the inclusion of three powerful cameras. This is truly unique in the smartphone market, with a trio of Leica-branded, rear-facing cameras offering both functionality and novelty value alike. The P20 Pro is typical of Huawei’s latest offerings, thanks to its combination of premium design, innovative features and relatively competitive pricing.


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