In this era of globalization

In this era of globalization

In this era of globalization, unemployment shows out the number or the percentage of people in a country who doesn’t have a job. All of the developing countries are facing the issue of unemployment among graduates which causes the each of countries economy to be down. Based regarding on this, Malaysian peoples are facing the increasing of unemployment among the graduates each year. This issue has been a appearance on the current social media, television, newspapers, articles, and many more. So, there are some causes of unemployment among Malaysian graduates such as lack of communication skills, economic cost and quality of education.
Firstly, lack of communication skills are one of the causes of unemployment among Malaysian graduates. Basically, communication skills is not especially pointed at the ability to obverse in fluent business level English but it includes our body language and the ability to send the information rightly. According to a survey conducted by Ministry of Human Resources, it highlighted that in Malaysia compared with male graduates, some female graduates are now unable or unemployed because of their slow and has a weak communication skills. This statement shows that the some of upcoming female graduates in Malaysia is very hard to find a job based on their weakness of self confidence and poor command language by talking to other people.
Secondly, causes of unemployment among Malaysian graduates also involves the economic cost which leads the situation of country’s budget. However, Malaysia also have some consequences based on the fresh graduates whenever they came out to find a job and suddenly become an unemployed person, they will be facing with a financial problems.They are unable to pay up their lieves in the country and need to support their family members too. Jahoda (1982) said that unemployment to family will lead to distruption, suicide, drug addiction and many more.
Besides that, quality of education is a cause of unemployment among Malaysian graduates. In this matter, every year Malaysia produces more and more excellent students and can easily find degree holders everywhere. But nowadays, for this statement it may not signify with some of the institutions. According to Abdul Razak Ahmad , New Straits times Sunday, March (2005), said that many students will be involvement on the major subject compared with the minor subject. So that majority of students are now studying for certificate because for the easier subjects regarding on some institutions will reduce the level of subject and resulting in a lot more possible but it is worthless for that university.


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