In this assignment

In this assignment

In this assignment, I will be describing the recruitment documentation used in my chosen organisation, Asda. Asda Stores Ltd was founded as a supermarket committed to offering everyday fresh food, grocery, and clothing, home, leisure and entertainment goods. It is a very large and wide business with over 525 stores across the UK employing over 175,000 co-workers.
Human resources is, by definition, the department of a business or organisation staffing to meet changing business demands; and operate the organisation and deal with training, hiring, administrating and promoting staff in said business. Human Resources also deal financial and material resources of the organisation. A human resource is a single employee within the organisation.
Recruitment Documentation:
lefttopThe job role that I will be going into detail of is a Shop Floor Assistant commonly known as a Customer Assistant. This is when an employee assists a customer to get what they need/want when they require help. An example is if the customer has any questions or doubts about any products, even problems with previous purchases as well as helping them find and navigate products around the store. For people to actually work in a retailer likeĀ ASDA, the shop itself must advertise itself to attract people to work in there in the first place. This is where the job advertisementĀ comes into play. This is a paid announcement in a newspaper or other medium, such as a website like, about a job vacancy currently available. The advertisement is part of a wider recruitment process designed to attract suitable qualified candidates for the job. There are documents which provide a comprehensive range of professionally drafted templates to allow employers to manage review of the application, selection, interview process and procedures involved in new employment of staff. Another requirement that they need applicants must have a passion and interest in helping customers in a collective and calm manner with well-disciplined manners in order for them to deliver the best customer assistance to represent their business.

A shop floor assistant application involves many steps. These include entry requirements and qualifications required (i.e. customer service), salary or wages available, working hours and shift patterns, work environment compatibility and career path and future intentions. These are all needed in order for managers to analyse compatibility/match of applicants with the job of being a Customer Assistant or Shop Floor Assistant.
A CV is a Curriculum Vitae. This is where a summary of all an applicant’s life experiences, accomplishments, education, previous employments, qualifications and hobbies/interests as well as any other achievements are presented to employers in order for them to get to know the applicant better so that they know who they’re hiring.

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A job description is a document that describes the general tasks, functions and responsibilities required for a certain position (eg. shop floor assistant). It specifies the functionary to whom the position reports, specifications such as the qualifications or qualifications needed by the applicant in working the job, and a salary range. The main purpose of any job description is to outline the main duties and responsibilities that are required and involved
In a particular job. Additional information is often requested in order that one document can fulfil the needs of several processes, such as: recruitment and selection; appraisal; job evaluation and training.
The person specification is a description of the qualifications, qualifications, experience, knowledge and other attributes (selection criteria) which an applicant must process in order to perform the requirements of the jobs duties. The specification should be derived from the job description and forms the foundation for the requirement process. In simplicity, it is the profile of the ideal new employee (Customer Assistant). For my chosen business, ASDA, a candidate must profess their qualifications that they have learnt to show the employer they’ve got and what they need to have as this is key to show the employer the applicant has an edge over other applicants (stand out).

A contract of employment is an agreement between an employer and employee and is the basis of the employment relationship. Most employment contracts don’t need to be in writing to be legally valid however it is more certified if they are. The purpose of this is to ensure that there is a clear understanding between the employer and employee/company as to what is expected and tolerated and to make sure there are no misunderstandings later on and eliminate any disputes which may arise at a later date. The employee is also able to see what their legal rights are under their new employment.

Employability skills
Employability qualifications can be defined as a skills that a person needs to have in order to get a job and/or be effective in the job role he or she has. Such qualifications allow the employee or person to have a mutual and friendly relationship with co-workers or the manager thus if there any problems that arise they will be resolved efficiently. There are many examples of employability qualifications that employees or people applying for jobs should possess which include; know-how and experience that are directly linked to the job that is being applied for.
Personal skills
Personal skills can be defined as a skills that a person may possess but doesn’t necessarily need when applying for a specific job role. There are many examples of such skills which would benefit the business including; speaking different languages, trustworthy and having a sense a humour. It is good if employees or applicants possess such skills when applying for a job as it will make them more likely to get the job as it shows the employer other skills that the applicant have that can help the business; these skills are useful for a lot of different jobs.

Communication Skills
Communication skills can be defined as a skills that help a person convey information to another person efficiently and with ease. Managers or employees with good written or verbal communication skills will benefit the business; this is because they will be able to talk and understand each other properly.

The skills I am already equipped with is decision making and problem solving. The ability to identify complex problems and review related information in order to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions. The ability to use critical thinking to rationalise a decision will set an individual apart. Paying attention to detail is another one.

I expect to gain strong organisational skills are demonstrated by planning your time and your workload effectively. An ability to meet deadlines will provide recruiters with the evidence that you possess good organisational skills.

The importance of employability and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in an organisation. Employability and personal skills are very important when talking about recruiting staff at Asda. There are many reasons why this is important. Firstly, when applying for a job in Asda, the potential candidate has to be applying for a job that they have some experience in or have some knowledge of what the job entails, because if Asda were to employ this potential candidate what they may end up finding out the person doesn’t have the necessary experience to do the job that they have been employed for so Asda will have to decide whether or not to let the employee go or waste time sending them to places where they can get the experience and knowledge. What Asda will have to check is if they have the right qualifications for the job, this is necessary because Asda can’t employ someone if they don’t have the basic GCSE’s such as Maths and English because if they did then they wouldn’t be good for the store’s image and respectability. What Asda will also be looking for from their potential candidate is to have a good understanding of all of the offers and prices that the company is promoting at the moment, because once again, if they weren’t to have this quality then if someone were to ask them in the shop what special offers they have got and the employee didn’t know then it wouldn’t look good for the company if they were employing staff who didn’t know and have the basic knowledge of the offers that they were promoting. The next aspect that Asda will be looking for when they are recruiting a new employee is whether or not they have experience of the industry. This is important because if they already have the right experience then Asda can right away send the employee straight into work without having to be worried about what they are going to do next. However, if they don’t have any experience but they do decide to employ the candidate then increased amount of training will be required will have to compensate or even a probationary period as the company has taken a risk. This allows the company to fire the certain staff member effective immediately however this also allows the candidate to leave with no notice.


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