In this 21st century

In this 21st century

In this 21st century, online communication is one of the key success for every businesses. Due to that McDonald’s Malaysia has established a new way to communicate with their loyal customers. It called MY McD Feedback app. It is an app that can be used by customers to gives their honest feedback and it will directly send to the McDonald’s restaurant manager. The reason for that is because McDonald’s Malaysia want to focus on their customer’s priority in order to become a successful fast food restaurant. The app is will be including rewards for their customer loyalty. This new app will be existed around this year.
McDonald’s Malaysia is also considering on partnering with food aggregators for their new online delivery. This options is to make sure that it is important because QRS (quick service restaurant) industry are always rapidly changing. It is clearly showed that McDonald’s Malaysia are trying hard to make their customers happy with their services. By establishing new app is a good strategy on their marketing communicating by using online media. Establishing an app can be a challenging because achieving and maintaining an app need a lot expertise from an expert in technology which can be costly by hiring them. Good things happened and it drastically change McDonald’s Malaysia which are positive as their market profit are repetitively increase.


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