In the first place

In the first place

In the first place, my Mom wanted me to be a nutritionist but I told her that is not my dream job. Because I know myself that I can be an excellent business woman someday because my relatives would often tell me I’m good at directing. I’ve always wanted to be a business woman because it’s so much easier than being a nutritionist. Actually I have no plans as to where I will be after Grade 12, but I am certain that I will be taking up business management. I chose to take up business management so I could hone my management skills and gain horrible knowledge on business management. Having the thought of wanting to be a successful business person and facing different financial scenarios every day is one big thing that gone me drive to take up the course.
I want to take up business management in a university that would offer Quality education in line with this course and with that University of San Carlos is one thing. I want to take up management because I really find it interesting and challenging so given a course that has both, I decided to give it a shot. Choosing a course is a hard part of my identity and it is something that continually drives me to love each day. I would not be able to achieve my greatest ambition in life if I will not fulfill my dream course. I chose this course not only because I want to put up a business but because I want to enhance my vocabulary, marketing, math and social skills. I want to study this course because I want to expand my knowledge in the business industry and to do basic accounting.
I will take business management as my course and somehow see and enhance my potential in handling a business. My parents are both business minded people and they were able to teach us in the early stages like how to see money, how to check how many stocks of product were left and do the cashier every weekend of during our free time. This is how I wanted to look more into business and how my parents did it so successfully. Not only my parents influenced me in taking this course but also of my siblings my elder brother took HRM and HRS as his course and he is taking his own job, my second brother took Accountancy as his course and he is now in 3rd year college in University of San Carlos. Because of this people that I’ve grown up since pretty much my entire life, they somehow kind told me their strategies and techniques and it got me interested and wants a deep understanding in business.
A few years from now maybe I would become a successful business woman in my entire life and I believe that everyone deserves a good life. I am ready for what the future holds,
I believe in myself I will never lose hope and passion for my dream. A person who chooses to love all despite obstacles, a person willing to fight for everything is a good example to others. Giving a part of myself for the happiness of the people around me is something that never fails to bring happiness, fulfillment and purpose in my life. Failure is not an option for me. I am willing to accept everything and embrace the challenge in life. I am prepared for the next chapter of my education. And I am ready to ignite the fire within my heart and soul.


I'm Alfred!

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