In the chapter

In the chapter

In the chapter, “Caribbean music in a new mode” the author tried to convey to the readers that there is not only a historical but also a cultural context that results in the relationships between the African continent and the European colonial encounters (c4elink). The “Caribbean music in a new mode” is meant to show the African rituals that have been kept in the areas religious traditions. The popular musical celebrations that root from Afro-religious styles are carnivals, rara, junkannu, or gumbay (c4elink). In the context of African styles there is not a dissimilarity made between holy and worldly. There is a common subject matter of Caribbean music such as cultural confirmation, aspirations of freedom, and resistance to domination. This seems to justify a departure of traditional presentations of music and culture of the Caribbean.
Caribbean music has been transformed through three other cultures that include American Indian, African, and European. In the late 1920’s in Brazil the elite class did not like the African influenced festivities that groups were trying to uphold at the carnival. By the late 50’s it had finally got the recognition that they needed and it took off in Rio to become the world’s biggest showcase making millions of dollars. This is an example of a transformation of how the traditional presentations of music and culture in the Caribbean were to how they have changed over time.
The Caribbean music developed from African rhythms and emotions with a little Latin mixed into something that now has stronger music that shows a nice localized progression and variety. This style that has been formed through African worldviews that go from ritual and ceremonial to the folk and popular dance-hall styles have been grown in the region and has spread throughout the rest of the world. What lies ahead of Caribbean music is up to the creativity of local musicians and promoters to agree with the globalization to maintain the ethics of the arts and to make sure that the musicians survive. This is why there is a departure from the traditional presentations and culture of the Caribbean.


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