In Te Whariki which is Early Childhood curriculum

In Te Whariki which is Early Childhood curriculum

In Te Whariki which is Early Childhood curriculum, there are four Principles and five strands. The four principles are Empowerment, Holistic development, Family and community and Relationships.
Empowerment talks about kaiako and caregivers that they/we have the power to teach the children to learn and grow in their confidence, respect and communication, further more to put their trust in you such as supporting and building a relationship with them. Children will feel confidence and powerful about their feelings as they learn to do things on their own such as choosing what clothes to wear, how to put them on and choose their friends. However, it is the responsibility of kaiako and caregivers to respect the children’s feelings and choices, It gives them a fair understanding on how to respect you back.

Holistic Development talks about reflects the holistic way for children to learn and grow. It covers different learning areas such as Human Development. Its about human development which is a term of different learning areas such as cognitive , physical, emotional, spiritual and social and cultural dimensions

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