In summary

In summary

In summary, for speech and language processing, years of research progress now underpins numerous commercial applications, and these advancements are clearly migrating into everyday use. Even so, a number of important and interesting challenges not only remain but have been created as these technologies migrate into real-world applications.
Language is one of the major concerns for the students. NLP with an effective approach for assisting the progress and improvement in the learning ability of students based on development and implementation of various effective tools, assist writing, learning, and assessment of texts, such as use of search engines, electronic resources and analysis of grammatical construction, syntax, sentence composition, etc.
Natural language processings research started as a rule based methodology, however collection of the huge amount of rules and dictionary entries to develop practical systems are very difficult. Combining the resource and a better quality of a hardware ,that we can be using it to take out the useful informations and build a practical system for a certain language domain. However, the future of NLP is still not easily seen.
Secure information has become a hurdle for people that collect useful information on the Internet. By merging the natural language processing with the technology of data mining , we make a system of web monitoring that can be used for controlling information that are sensitive spreading on Web.

Natural Language Processing is a best way in which education setting can be improved. Performing the NLP involves initiating the process of study through the natural acquisition in the educational system .It provides a solution to solve problems and issues in education. Natural language processing is used in solving various process in a variety of different fields associated with the social context as well as the cultural context of the language study. It is the best approach for all the fields of people for providing the assistance for writing ,analysis ,and assessment procedure .Natural processing language is widely used with the large number of educational context like research ,science ,linguistics, e-learning ,evaluation systems, and contribute resulting positive output in the different education society. This paper will aim at the process of natural language learning and the use of NLP in the educational settings.
Till 1980s, most natural language processing systems were composed of complex sets of rules that were hand written. Then in the late 1980s, however, there was a change in the NLP with the start of machine learning algorithms for the processing of language. This was because of the increase in computational power and the slowly lessening of the dominance of Chomskyan theories, Some of the machine learning algorithms that were used before, like the decision trees, produced systems of rules that were hard if-then which were similar to the rules that were hand written. The language models on which most of the speech recognition system now work are examples of these models. These models are likely to be more secure when given different input ,like input that have errors, and the input that produce more suitable results when combined into a larger system consisting multiple subtasks.
Natural Language is one of the major aspect for the students. NLP with an approach for improving the status and improvement in the grasping ability of students associated on formation and preforming various tools, writing, learning, and assessment of texts, etc. All these are the innovative technique, which can be used to develop the framework for correction of texts.
Processing natural languages has always been the main research issues of artificial intelligence, because the key role language plays an important role in human intelligence and because of the potential applications. Most of the knowledge representations and the inferences methods that are applied in knowledge based systems are developed for processing natural language.
Considering some of the conditions, developing widely relevant and high performance NLP technologies and the resources and will be now open to the public soon. As for the resources, there are much published resources and they actually aim to be one of the most biggest NLP resource centers in the world. There are more development of resources as a basis of resource- based NLP. Out of which they are the NICI Multilingual Corpus, and the NICI Japanese LearnerEnglish corpus.
Mixture of knowledge and the theory, or processing the idea using resources, are the possibilities for the development of a high performance NLP systems. As of now for the target, translation of the machine with new information are extracted as practical tasks that are promising. To imagine the fusion of these two, we able to make a system that is able to use knowledge of many other degrees of abstraction as we people do, to make a model of language functions, and also to obtain knowledge on how do people store and use this kind of knowledge in their minds.

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Some of the organizations such as The Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO) have started to improving language instruction through the computer systems that label the text, speech pronunciation, and perception. Here we can clearly represent the core challenges in speech and language technology.

Natural language process is an important method to teach the students in the process of scientific learning.Making use of NLP in the educational setting is not only helping the students to develop effective language process, but it also helps to enhance the academic performance of the students.
The major aims and objectives of this study is to
• Understanding the process of natural language learning.
• The aim is to apply the natural language processing in educational system.
The use of these effective tools such as grammar, syntax, and patterns are very important for learning and examination of text. These are based on quality approach. Method for collecting the data is based on collection of the information from the secondary resources and making use of the theories, which support and examine to understand the natural language process and its use in the education
Evaluator of the text also known as Source Rater is a drifting tool that can be shown for a trending concept for text modelling complexity, that is created to help assist developers. This tool combines a large, relative based features set with psychometric method in order to present text complexity categorizations.

Natural language process is a major process to teach students the process of scientific learning
Natural language processing NLP is a major factor that deals with the branch of science, which the aim of the developing and improving the learning process.
The natural language processing can also help the students for the development of general understanding of the psychological perspectives that also play an important role in the language acquisition.
Conclusion .


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