In recent years

In recent years

In recent years, New Zealand has accepted a huge influx of immigrants. It is often argued that there have excessively accepted immigrants, whilst others support that New Zealand needs to keep going for its population growth. This essay agrees that New Zealand shouldn’t accept too many immigrants because there are more drawbacks than benefits. Accordingly, This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantage of immigration. Firstly, this essay will focus on the advantages from the perspectives such as economic, technical and population. Secondly, this essay will focus on the disadvantages from the perspectives such as environment, public security and public service.

The most important advantage is that cultural diversity is a crucial element in economic growth as the diverse workforce can create a competitiveness in the economy and revitalize the economy. For example, the diverse workforce leads the expansion of employment opportunities to resolve the manpower shortage to fill job vacancies such as manual labour, unskilled labour, seasonal labour and skilled labour. Furthermore, the additional workforce contributes more in taxes to fill the pension gap to sustain the aging society.

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