In order to complete this assessment I have chosen the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Pierre James Trudeau as my chosen leader

In order to complete this assessment I have chosen the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Pierre James Trudeau as my chosen leader

In order to complete this assessment I have chosen the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Pierre James Trudeau as my chosen leader. Born in December 25, 1971 in Ottawa, Ontario Justin Trudeau is the son of late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. He followed in his father’s footsteps by winning the elections in Canada in the year 2015 and became the 23rd prime minister of Canada. He is also the leader of the liberal party since the year 2013. He graduated from the McGill University where he was then a member of the debating team. In his early days he completed his secondary schooling from College Jean-de-Brebeuf, then graduating from McGill University he took a year break to travel and then returned to become a teacher.
After that he moved to Whistler, British Columbia where he became a snowboarding instructor and also used to work as a bouncer in a night club. After a gap of couple of months he then went to the University Of British Columbia where he attained the degree of Bachelor of Education in the year 1998. It was until 2008 where he was first elected to the Canadian Parliament and eventually becoming a leader of the liberal party in the year 2013.
While campaigning during the elections he then promised the people of Canada to bring change and also promised to increase tax for the wealthy and tax cuts for middle class people. As per my concept of leadership he really fits in very well as he is a committed environmentalist, he has always had a positive attitude. Justin Trudeau has a positive vision and also have an agenda for the country. He is considered as ambitious as well as hopeful. He became the prime minister at the age of 43 becoming the 2nd youngest prime minister of Canada.
It was the year of 2015 where Justin started making the headlines for all the right reasons by promoting diversity in the workplace. After becoming the prime minister he then formed a cabinet composed of equal number of women as well as men. Well this was seen happening for the very first time. While campaigning for the elections in the year 2015 Justin assured the Canadian people to build the government in a diverse way. There were 31 ministers who were sworn on November 4, 2015 and out of them there were 15 women. The Canadian population in 2015 was 50.9% women, 22.3% minorities and 4.69% indigenous whereas in Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet the ratio of women was 48.3%, 16.1% minorities and 6.5% indigenous. After winning the elections Justin Trudeau delivered what he promised to the Canadian people which was bringing diversity in the workplace by adapting to a gender-balanced cabinet. Later on in the year 2016 Justin Trudeau made sure that the Liberal Government’s main goal is diversity and therefore applications were opened to the general public to work in the government. By adopting to these approaches Mr. Trudeau is seen being more intentional towards these issues as compared to other predecessors. Therefore liberal government has made efforts in order to promote transparency as well as promoting equal employment opportunities. With the help of promoting diversity in the workplace Justin Trudeau and his government is leading to better outcomes, diversity in the workplace allows Canadian people where they can see themselves to be represented in the government an example which has been mentioned above and also workplace diversity brings experiences to the government policies as well as operations.


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