In Nibelungen

In Nibelungen

In Nibelungen, Siegfried promises the lady whom his brother gets injured that he takes a revenge for this lady and he shows bravery and keeps his promise by killing the dragon which damages the people and thus the courtly love emerged. This refers to an example of chivalric romance because Siegfried also has some chivalric qualities or codes. These are to be polite and attentive, loyalty to the country, the king and his friends. He never betrays a confidence or comrade so that he always maintains his principles and dies with honor. In addition to these, Siegfried has successfully exhibited the codes of chivalry. As for motifs and symbols in the movie, spilling onto the earth’s surface blood belongs to the dragon which has killed by Siegfried symbolizes his invincible. At the same time, it is a symbol of Siegfried’s weakness because a part of his body is not washed with blood because of a leaf while he takes a shower with the dragon’s blood. The cave where Siegfried entered to kill the dragon represents a place of evil. Ring of the Nibelungs ,which Siegfried wore, symbolizes a supernatural the power and also a curse. When Siegfried wore the ring, he possessed power and curse of the ring. Finally, the sword which was crafted by Siegfried has also a symbolic meaning which refers to Germanic mythology. It is also the symbol of life’s burning force and power.


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