In conclusion

In conclusion

In conclusion, there are seven major factors that we discussed that are significant to a business or a new entity or a person who wish to enter the territory for another country for whichever the reasons it may be including business purpose. These are Country’s Geography, history, Demography, population, Socio cultural, political, Economic and Educational sectors. These are core components that make up a society, country and a state. China has a very good ancient History with different rulers and ancient Kings or emperors that ruled china back to very early days. Thus they fought in many wars and battles for land, prestige dominion and power. Whoever won on those battles were most likely become rulers. China is the fourth largest country in the world and Second largest Super power in terms of its economy and Military. There are also different types of climatic conditions, mostly idle to suit the people’s needs and wants. The Chinese were known for hard working and thus they did extra ordinary things. They cultivate their land mostly for farming and use whatever the resources they have to feed the growing population. They are also the largest population of the world with current figure of 1.4 Billion people live in china. They built things like great walls of China, todays still stands as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. China’s socio-cultural values, norms and practices are based on diverse and competing philosophies like Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Legalism, and other less popular traditions. Most experts believe that Chinas Economy is strong because they have a very strong political system that is based on the Doctrine/dogma of Communism. The chinease Leader Xi ZinPing has recently ended the 1term policy of the Vote of No Confidance to elect a new leader to a unlimited. Which means people will hardly remove him. As long as he is the head of the only leading communist party he will lead. He has also announced that he will fight against corruption in most of the government institution and do bring in chage. Also he stressed that China will continue to focus on the two main factors, Large scale capital investment (finance by large domestic savings and foreign investment)
– Also look into reforming the economy by Productivity gains (increase in efficiency)
– Relocation of resources to more productive uses like trade and increase in innovation in new technologies.
China Will Continues to grow, Culturally, Demographically, Economically and in Science and Technology, on the other hand China has created a big problem that is over population.
Another ` problem China created is a sex-selective-abortion which is a one child policy which is predicted to have major ripple effect in the years to come in terms of age, marriage and demography. The prediction that more young men will not get married in their late thirties is a growing concern which will affect the population growth into the future.
Thus, China’s population will finally peak in 2028 with a shrinking labour force and an over-65 population of 240 million. (projections, 2018)
In order to overcome this problem it is in my view or recommendation that Chinese intelligent should come and amend the one child policy, spend money on research and technology in terms on Medicine health sciences and find ways to increase the number of male child birth in the country. Also it is recommended that Chinese government must look for the ways to get their young man population married as soon as they reach their required age to start family. Example, they should arrange woman outside from china, other regions of the world to match the ratio of young woman that will be short fall to reproduce and start their own lives balancing the no of population causing any problems.
It is also im my best view that the Chinese government should create artificial mechanisms /robots to assist in the labour force that is predicted to have been fallen/will peak in 2028.


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