In “Boys and Girls” by the author Alice Munro

In “Boys and Girls” by the author Alice Munro

In “Boys and Girls” by the author Alice Munro, tries to view a young girl life into womanhood through the point of woman rights. The story is written through the point of view from the young girl life. The theme of this story is revolution. The narrator despises her mother for being a woman and working in the house but in the end she too develops herself into a woman and takes the roles of the title.
This story shows the inequality between both male and female. As a young girl, the narrator shows the spirit and individual strong sense of her gender. The narrator also want to show the importance of her gender in the society and want to show the equality of both male and female. She shows the feeling of being a girl in the family and want to involve and spend more time with her father and brother in their work but her family treat her as a normal girl. In this story the perfect example is her grandmother, told the narrator to be a girl to involve in household at that time. But the narrator does not listen to her grandmother and refuse to be a normal girl, does not want to care how society will think and want to lead her freedom.


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