in both stories loyalty seems to be in action in both books

in both stories loyalty seems to be in action in both books

in both stories loyalty seems to be in action in both books. in the heart of darkness marlow loyalty towards kurtz seems to grow as the book goes on. from the very begginning it seemed like marlow seems to be so interested in him. he heard that he was an agent in africa where his ship was going towards. he notices that alot of people seem to like him. he starts to become more interested about this kurtz guy. more and more he starts finding about kurtz. the way people spoke about him as a important and special person. from here on out he begins to study kurtz. he seems to notice the variety of people that hate him and the ones that like him. the ones in the station seem to just worship kurtz. the rest that knew about his money and power seemed to hate him. marlow was confused. learning more and more about kurtz by others the interest towards kurtz grew. he notices that the ones that speak bad on kurtz are jealous people want to be in his position. marlow seems to not be concerned about what kurtz job is. towards the end it just seems like everybody is just waiting for kurtz to die. the main thing is the ivory the money. when kurtz and marlow speak on his choice of his life of darkness. he seems to look at him as a idol and as some what a fatherly figure that he never had in his life. this makes him more eager to know everything about him. he wants to listen to his stories texts and wants to know about his ivory kingdom. in the mist of this kurtz dies. they both seem to have had some type of respect for eachother. marlow was loyal towards kurtz through his decisions.


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